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  1. jephoto

    Mavic 3 initial checklist

    Hi gang, I've purchased a Mavic 3 flymore package from someone who has lots of drones, and who's new job provides equipment for him to use on the job. So he's paring down gear. Says this one has only been flown a handful of times. Also getting the RC Pro controller. I excited to get this. My...
  2. tatmanblue

    Do I have take a test now?

    I was reading on another thread and found this link which amoung other things states: > the Act also allows the FAA to require hobbyist drone pilots to pass a knowledge test before flying. Does any one know if or when the testing requirement will become law?
  3. markyodo

    Testing image quality the right way?

    I received the Mavic on Sunday and I want to make sure I have a reliable product within my return / exchange period. Step 1 was the calibrations. I did them all. Step 2 was the flight test. I flew for about 90 min yesterday. I tested maneuvering, signal strength, flight modes, precision...