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titan atlas

  1. RawRock

    Want to buy old Titan Atlas amplifier and antennas with whips for mavic platinum.

    Will pay what i need to to get a Titan Atlas antenna and whips for a mavic. Anyone have any ideas? Name your price! (Love to have a car kit also, but I can find those easy.
  2. Mad Mavic

    Newbie from the great state of Tennesse

    Having a blast flying around the Tennessee hills with my Mavis Pro Platinum with DJI gogles. The best escape from reality ever. Just installed the Titan Atlas antenna mod... waiting for the rain to clear for a test flight. A tip from an expilot, f you aren't flying with the GJI goggles you...
  3. mikey201

    Titan Cyclone or Atlas

    been wanting to get a boosted antenna what are the differences between the cyclone and whips and $20 price difference of the atlas which one should i get i fly alot in urban areas and do fly at beaches and over water from time to time any help
  4. Nathanmot

    Long range anttenas on rc

    Ok, so I have a few questions. I have modded my RC with a titan atlas system and right now I use a iPad. Does the goggles communicate with the mavic or the RC? I'm afraid of over flying the goggles with my setup. Can I have a iPad attached to the rc as back up and fly with the goggles just in...