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Long range anttenas on rc


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Oct 21, 2017
Vista, Del Mar California
Ok, so I have a few questions. I have modded my RC with a titan atlas system and right now I use a iPad. Does the goggles communicate with the mavic or the RC? I'm afraid of over flying the goggles with my setup. Can I have a iPad attached to the rc as back up and fly with the goggles just in case I loose reception on the goggles? Lastly is it possible to hook the Google's up to the rc so I won't over fly the distance of the Google's.
It’s actually pretty funny. I posted almost the same thing, except I’m using the Titan Tactical Box. I’m wondering if I can use it with my IPad for others to view while I’m using the goggles. Lmao we posted like 20 min apart.
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Yes you can use your iPad along side of the Goggles at the same time with Mavic Pro. I do not know the answer of if the Goggles communicate directly with the Mavic or the RC.
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I just looked at the titan stuff. It looks very cool. I assume you use the DJI Go 4 app and the iPad is connected to the RC? In that case, yes you can use the iPad display along side the Goggles. The spec's on the Goggles list the transmitter power the same as the Mavic, so I am guessing that they communicate directly with the Mavic just as if you had multiple RCs connected, which means yes you could potentially overfly the goggles with the titan setup. Someone with actual experience with that setup hopefully will speak up.
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