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  1. T

    Take it or leave it? Mavic pro to Japan!

    So I’ll be going to Tokyo Japan in a couple weeks and I want to take my Mavic. I have done some research and from what I found Tyoko is pretty much a no fly zone. But when you get up into the outer cities or rural areas they are allowed to fly. I just want to get a few good aerial shots, I...
  2. lokinhei

    Mt. Fuji from Lake Yamanaka

    went to Japan in September, and flied my drone to take video of Mt Fuji & surroundings of Lake Yamanaka
  3. lokinhei

    Drone video taken at Hakone, Japan + Japan flying experience

    Here is a video I took at Hakone, Japan earlier this month on a solo trip, hope you enjoy! Japan flying experience: - Don't trust the built-in no fly zone in DJI Go app - For Japan no fly zone, please refer to here which is the official no-fly zone of Japanese government - Basically you can't...
  4. duckandcover

    Japan - Tokyo/Kanto area meet up?

    Hello! I'm new to drones and just picked up a Mavic Pro. Anyone in Tokyo or Kanto area ?