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  1. L

    Parks in the GTA

    Hi all, I am planning to buy a DJI Mavic Mini 2, but after some research, I am confused about where I can fly. From what I have gathered, I can't fly in any parks in Toronto, but Markham parks are perfectly fine as long as I follow CARS 900.06. I am located in North York, so where exactly can I...
  2. D

    Basic license operations in and around Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

    Hi All, First of Happy New Year to fellow forum members I've been scratching my head on Mavic Air 2 for nearly 3-4 weeks with no firm decision to date. Toronto city wide restrictions (pl refer below) and red zones on Drone site selection tool have left me wondering if there's a slightest...
  3. C

    Can someone name me a place in GTA where I can legally fly a drone?

    Hi all, I currently thinking of buying the Mavic Mini. I never own a drone because of the laws around. I got rumors that the Mavic Mini 2 is coming and it is below 250g, the questions are where I can fly it in GTA? I live in Scarborough, I google around. No one can give me a straight answer...
  4. treygeiger

    Toronto at Dawn: Lakeshore Hyperlapse

    This required an early wake up (sunrise is at 5:35am this time of year) but it was well worth it! I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of being a little more cinematic with my shots and edits. Enjoy!
  5. C

    Hello from Toronto

    Hello all.. I'm new to the drone experience and have just preordered the mavik air. Lots of RC experience. Looking to put it through its paces at the cottage, brothers farm, out over lake Ontario, while travelling and possibly for semi-professional photography. If anyone with experience...
  6. treygeiger

    First edit: winter flying in Canada (Toronto Area)

    Hi guys - my wife surprised me with a MP for Xmas and it's such an amazing piece of technology! Despite the cold temps (-15C) I've found a few opportunities to play around with some cool shots and made my first basic edit. For anyone interested please feel free to have a look! I am just getting...
  7. nicotheredfish

    Bonjour from Toronto, ON, Canada

    Hi all, New comer in the forum and the drone world ! I've jsut bought my mavic pro 2 days ago and I'm waiting to receive it, I'm a bit (A LOT) impatient to have it :) I'm French and I work in an Aerospace company at Ajax since March 2017 So new comer in Canada as well ! I hope I'll find good...
  8. GoodGuy

    Toronto Park early Morning

    Still getting the hang of it, but here's a look at my most recent video from the Mavic - I'm having way more fun than I thought possible! Thoughts and suggestions would be welcome, and hope you like the scenery and the view of Toronto in the background. Evergreen Brick Works June 2017
  9. K

    Boarding & Check in from Toronto, Canada

    Hello everyone, Besides meeting like minded people here, one of my main reasons to sign up is to figure out where other Mavic Pilots fly in my area. It seems Canadian regulations make it impossible to fly legally anywhere. Where do you guys fly in Toronto (+ 1hr around Toronto)? Are there any...
  10. MavicHavoc

    Checking in from GTA, Ontario

    Hi there, just checking in from GTA area as a new member and soon to be a new mavic owner. Just waiting for DJI to start selling the mavic in stores so I can pick one up there. It's either that or buy it from Amazon. Haven't decided yet.