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traveling with drone

  1. J

    Flying in Costa Rica

    Hi from Asheville NC fellow Mavic Pilots! I will be traveling this fall to the west cost of Costa Rica near Jaco and am looking for advice. I'm new to traveling internationally with my drone so I'm not sure of the proper way to go about it. Do I need to check in and register my drone with any...
  2. E

    Traveling out the country

    In about month I will be traveling to the Philippines. But I'm worried about the checking in the airport. Does my drone have to travel in a pelican case? I just don't want to carry my drone in a pelican case that screams "I'm a drone!"
  3. Twice_Knightly

    Traveling from Seattle to Australia Brisbane with Mavic 2 Pro

    Hey there, I'll be flying to Brisbane Australia in a few weeks and I plan to bring my Mavic 2 Pro and batts as a carry-on with my fly more bag. Not too worried about TSA giving any problems when boarding in Seattle just wondering what I should be aware of when arriving in Brisbane and going...
  4. heo3480

    Take Drone On Plane

    Its holiday season and one of the most asked questions how to travel on commercial airlines with your drone. This video share crucial tips for you to get your drone through airport security as easy as possible. What is your experience? --
  5. Seba.89

    Where should I carry my Mavic?

    Quick question- has anyone heard about any regulations saying that mavic can not be carried in the hand luggage? All the batteries need to be placed in hand luggage anyway, but recently someone told me that the drone itself should be kept in the checked luggage - which does not make any sense to...
  6. M

    Official DJI-Bag - Safe for battery travel

    Dear community, I purchased the official DJI shoulder bag. I saw there are recommendations that batteries should be put in Li-Po safe bags. My question is, whether the DJI bag offers some protection if there is anything wrong with the battery and if not if the battery protection bag should be...
  7. ed1nh0

    Motorcycle hard trunk and Mavic. Is it safe for a ride?

    Well guys I need some advices from bikers and from those who know well how fragile this equipment is for traveling inside a hard trunk on a motorcycle. I ride a sport bike and I'm wondering if I can carry my gear inside the hard trunk safely. I don't have a backpack. I do have a hard case...
  8. F

    50% Drone Security Deposit in the Bahamas?

    I am going to the Bahamas shortly. I saw a video on Youtube in which the author's drone was confiscated at the airport by customs. He was able to retrieve it by paying a security deposit which he did not get back. This happened in 2015. I called the Ministry of Finance and was told that I could...