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    How to travel on a Plane with a drone?

    Hi All, If this subject is discussed somewhere I can't seem to find it. I have a DJI Mavic and am wanting to take it to the UK with me in September. How do I take it on the plane with me? Do I just take it on as carry on or do parts need to be in my check in? Regards Rand
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    fly-over the castle - mavic air

    Did a nice fly over the castle with sight seeing plane in view - got bit scared, lowered our height and followed the aircraft carefully to make sure it isn't going our way with finger on auto land if needed... the footage looks pretty interesting now...
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    Public Liability Insurance (and general camera insurance)

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a good company to go with for Worldwide public liability insurance and also insurance for my camera equipment. I'm travelling abroad with my DJI Mavic Pro and wanted to get some cover for it. I already have the DJI Care Refresh. Any...
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    Travelling to Phoenix from Canada

    Hey new to the forum, I'm from Ontario, Canada ! I've been doing a lot of reading on travelling with the mavic to another country ... i'll be going to phoenix. I've read pretty much everything and from what I gathered I should have no issues as I am bringing it with me on as carry on, both...
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    Drone regulations per country Information

    Hello guys, Do you know if there's a website showing all drone regulations per country ? as well as drone experience travelling to those countries? Some countries doesn't have clear information about drone flying. What's more, in some countries drone flying is just banned (I've read an...