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  1. Astrobutch

    Our planets lungs..

    New to drone photography and flying in general. Took this on Christmas Eve at a place local to me, I will never cease to wonder at the views from above, there is a magic to them, a beautiful perspective that are just so unique, I hope you find them as engaging and inspiring as I do.. I call this...
  2. blackomega

    The Skeena River is a Winter Wonderland

    Here is my first 4K winter flight over the Skeena River Please subscribe to my channel if you have not already lol Enjoy the show
  3. Jim D

    Cascades Sunrise

    Foggy at my house, but I found this up above. I love living in a view house thanks to the drone!
  4. Tuba Guy

    Foliage Tree Tops

    Hey Now What do you think of this video and music? . I am kinda new to both drone and sound recording. Thanks Greg
  5. Jim D

    Fall Color along The Tumwater River, WA

    M2P, RAW shots, pano stitched in ACR
  6. Jim D

    Eye of Sauran

    From above my house this morning. M2P. Looking toward Lake Stevens
  7. Jim D

    Sunrise Pano

    Flew above my house in Lake Stevens, WA to catch the sunrise this morning. Low fog added nice atmosphere.
  8. Hidden Forest

    Hidden Forest

    Hidden in the southern United States exists a mountain chain containing the widest diversity of tree species on the planet. ______________________________________________________________________ Color…
  9. Frozen trees

    Frozen trees

    Trees covered with snow in the winter
  10. davidzimagery

    Mavic February Video

    I've started making a video after the end of each month, using some of the takes from the month.
  11. RTKD

    dn side umop

    A lost spirit. Without your body, it's hard to tell which way is up...
  12. Jim D

    Pilchuck River Morning

    Mavic Pro 2
  13. Jim D

    Trees on The Mountain Loop

    Mavic Pro 2
  14. Jim D

    Mt. Loop

    mt. loop hwy, WA Mavic 2 pro
  15. Claudcw

    Pushing my luck, tight quarters practice flying... worked out..lol

    Practicing flying looking at the video..
  16. D

    Flying Mavic Pro in the forest between trees mountain biking :D

    Flying Mavic Pro in the forest between trees mountain biking
  17. k idea

    Singapore - Gardens by the Bay

    Singapore's iconic Gardens by the Bay Man-made "super" trees among the natural foliage
  18. CoolBreeze

    First video post

    First video post. Windy drone day, found sheltered location to fly and video. Using iMovie on iPad was unable to compress 4K to post directly? YouTube link attached... Ordered lens filters, APPRECIATE SUGGESTIONS on what filter to use in same location.
  19. Z

    4K Coastal Lake Ecological Reserve! HIDDEN from plain sight!

    Let me know what you think!
  20. A

    Sunrise over the Wild Center, Adirondacks

    Below is a link to video. Taken above the Wild Center in Tupper Lake, NY (Adirondacks). Mavic Pro used with Circular Polarizing lense. Minor after effects used: speed up, fade in/out, and reverse clip. No saturation or colorizing effects used. Was out there for an hour before launching...