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  1. B

    Pro That's what backwards sensor prevents.

    Hi folks, I’ve an old Mavic Pro (1) with only frontal sensors. A few days ago I was shooting on snow, and I took this shot. Since MP2, DJI have added/improved lateral and backward sensors, so this clip can’t be done whit these birds (without turning sensors off). Anyway, I think more sensors...
  2. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    3 Stop the McCannon Timber Sale! Save old growth trees

    I filmed this video last week while exploring in the Willapa Hills near Pe Ell, Washington. This legacy forest and its remnant old growth trees is almost unique in the area, as most of the original native forest has been wiped out. Sadly, the same fate lies in store for the big trees of...
  3. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    3 Beatty Creek Legacy Forests - Big Trees in Peril

    The deep, quiet valley of Beatty Creek is one of the few wild valleys home to big trees and diverse, natural legacy forest left in the Capitol Hills. Here can be found a vibrant, native ecosystem largely untouched in over a century, with large remnant old growth trees that stood watch over the...
  4. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    2 Pro Help Save Ole Creek Ancient Forest! + Aerial footage

    I recently found a true off-the-beaten-path hike, and decided to share the location since without boots on the trail it soon may not exist at all! The trail in question is known as "Mt. Mitchell via Sugarloaf", and is located in a unprotected wilderness area South of Mt. St. Helens. The trail...
  5. KartofeL

    Air 2 Poland mountains Andrzejówka

    My second video. Getting a feel of Davinci Resolve but it is a stubborn little beast. Doesn't use GPU to decode and is crashing all the time. What do you think?
  6. Jim D

    2 Pro Deer Creek Valley in Winter

    It was a bit of work breaking trail on cross-country skis in deep snow to get to this point where I took the drone up for a pano.
  7. blackomega

    2 Zoom The new Fall colours are in

    Fall is here and the trees are putting on their colour show for us
  8. blackomega

    Tidal waters creating beautiful Rapids

    Hello This is Butzee Rapids MY home is on a small island and behind the island we get these rapids when the tide is right. Enjoy
  9. blackomega

    Wintery flight and flying in the snow

    Good morning Finally got to film some other areas of the Skeena River and surrounding areas. There is a lot more snow on the ground now. Enjoy the film and please subscribe.
  10. Astrobutch

    Our planets lungs..

    New to drone photography and flying in general. Took this on Christmas Eve at a place local to me, I will never cease to wonder at the views from above, there is a magic to them, a beautiful perspective that are just so unique, I hope you find them as engaging and inspiring as I do.. I call this...
  11. blackomega

    The Skeena River is a Winter Wonderland

    Here is my first 4K winter flight over the Skeena River Please subscribe to my channel if you have not already lol Enjoy the show
  12. Jim D

    Cascades Sunrise

    Foggy at my house, but I found this up above. I love living in a view house thanks to the drone!
  13. Tuba Guy

    Foliage Tree Tops

    Hey Now What do you think of this video and music? . I am kinda new to both drone and sound recording. Thanks Greg
  14. Jim D

    Fall Color along The Tumwater River, WA

    M2P, RAW shots, pano stitched in ACR
  15. Jim D

    Eye of Sauran

    From above my house this morning. M2P. Looking toward Lake Stevens
  16. Jim D

    Sunrise Pano

    Flew above my house in Lake Stevens, WA to catch the sunrise this morning. Low fog added nice atmosphere.
  17. Frozen trees

    Frozen trees

    Trees covered with snow in the winter
  18. RTKD

    dn side umop

    A lost spirit. Without your body, it's hard to tell which way is up...
  19. Jim D

    Trees on The Mountain Loop

    Mavic Pro 2
  20. Claudcw

    Pushing my luck, tight quarters practice flying... worked

    Practicing flying looking at the video..