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tutorial video

  1. BigglesPippa

    How I film a timelapse - factors to consider and camera settings.

    In this latest quick tip tutorial, I look at how I film a timelapse. I go through the factors to consider and the camera settings that I use. If you have any questions, let me know. Hope you all had/are having a great Christmas.
  2. A


  3. jimheid

    Free two-hour Mavic Pro video course

    I hope this post isn't considered spammy, and I trust the admins will kill it if so! I'm a senior content manager at, the online education website, and I'm the instructor in a "tips and tricks" course on the Mavic Pro that we recently published. I've spent a LOT of time lurking here...

    Creating a free DJI Go Video Manual - looking for help (lectors)

    Hi People, My name is Wolfgang, I live in Austria and I am pretty new to this forum. I am flying drones for 5 years now. I have always felt there was way too little information from the drone companies in any regard out there. More so in the beginning, but even today it could be way better...