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uav civil authority

  1. UAV_C_A

    Fox Lake Illinois GLOOMY DAY AERIAL video

    This was a very gloomy day, but if you are familiar with Northern Illinois then this will be interesting
  2. UAV_C_A

    Frank from Northern Illinois checking in :)

    Hi drone family, I am relatively new to the UAV scene but I have a keen fascination with quality photography so in December I decided to incorporate aerial into the mix. Background is photography, but I'm diving head first into aerial photography and cinematography (videos). I took the...
  3. UAV_C_A

    PLEASE CRITIQUE - First commercial job, new Culvers!

    Good day to you, new member here. I had the pleasure of taking some drone shots at the request of the owner of my local town's newest restaurant..CULVERS! PLEASE critique this photo and if you want, head to the flikr link for the rest Culver's Fox Lake I need to know what to work on, to...