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  1. welsewool

    Dnipro flight

  2. SerKo

    Greetings from Lisichansk, Ukraine

    Hello folks. I fly to the southeast of Ukraine. I bought in February Mavic Pro Fly More Bundle. I use mainly for video filming of weddings, as well as important events in people's lives.
  3. welsewool

    Dnipro Ukraine flight

    Hi guys! I've just started with my first drone ever and learning to fly over the city
  4. Vilco

    Ammo depot sabotage in Balakliya - I wish it wasn't a drone

    Looks like someone "heard the buzzing sound of a flying drone" just before the explosions started going off. If it will end up it really was a drone, I fear incoming limitations for our hobby Ukraine probes arms depot explosion, military blames 'sabotage' "Matios said witnesses heard a sound...