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  1. C

    First recorded Mavic v Mavic aerial combat?

    Interesting Ukraine war video on Telegram: It won't embed here but a 16 second video taken from a Ukrainian Mavic that spots a Russian Mavic and then proceeds to close with it and eventually knock it out of the sky by taking the props off. (Completely safe for...
  2. T

    Enterprise Drone Shortage - War in Ukraine

    I've been looking to buy a Mavic 2 Enterprise drone with thermal capability, either a Dual or Advanced. The Advanced seems to be in short supply and has to be backordered even on DJI's website. New units on Amazon are listed at $10,000. Even used Dual units are selling on eBay for more than...
  3. Z

    2 Pro Beautiful Ukraine

    Hey Everyone! As a lot of you know the current situation in Ukraine going on with the invasion from Russia. I was born there so it definitely was not pleasant hearing about that. I had the Opportunity to visit Ukraine about 5 months ago and had managed to capture quite a bit of footage. Here is...
  4. Yaros

    Air 2 [Panorama] Kyiv Motherland Monument in Winter

    Today I made a panorama in Kyiv near the Motherland Monument, here is the link:
  5. Yaros

    Are there "Drone Jammers" in Kyiv, Ukraine?

    Hello, I'm for a week in Kyiv, Ukraine, and want to fly my Mavic air 2. I already flew it 2 times but was scared that it will fall out of the sky or just autoland somewhere random because of those drone jammers. I know that these "drone jammers" are very abundant in Russia, but how is the...
  6. Yaros

    Air 2 Night Panorama of Kyiv, Ukraine
  7. welsewool

    Dnipro flight

  8. SerKo

    Greetings from Lisichansk, Ukraine

    Hello folks. I fly to the southeast of Ukraine. I bought in February Mavic Pro Fly More Bundle. I use mainly for video filming of weddings, as well as important events in people's lives.
  9. welsewool

    Dnipro Ukraine flight

    Hi guys! I've just started with my first drone ever and learning to fly over the city
  10. Vilco

    Ammo depot sabotage in Balakliya - I wish it wasn't a drone

    Looks like someone "heard the buzzing sound of a flying drone" just before the explosions started going off. If it will end up it really was a drone, I fear incoming limitations for our hobby Ukraine probes arms depot explosion, military blames 'sabotage' "Matios said witnesses heard a sound...