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  1. N

    Any document certifying weight is <250gr included in package?

    Hello, I've been contemplating buying the Mavic Mini, but the one thing stopping me is that my profession involves a lot of travel often in countries in the Middle East restricting drones above 250 grams - I've heard stories going as far as enthusiasts getting their drones confiscated at the...
  2. Drone UK

    PGYTECH Carry Case Unbox & Review

  3. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Mavic 2 Zoom First Impressions, Unboxing, and test footage

    I've been flying the Mavic 2 Zoom since it arrived on Monday, and so far I'm loving it! I tried to film, edit, and publish this video the day I got it, but the editing and re-shoots took a lot longer than I expected.
  4. Cheech Wizard

    Mavic 2 Pro review

    These 2 new drones have great new features.
  5. M

    Mavic Air - Detailed Install & SNAFUs

    Yes, this begins with the typical unboxing blather and some "Phantom Days" background to set the stage, but in future parts of the story I'll take us through all the detailed installation steps... including my cockpit errors! More coming very soon and I welcome your feedback! Michael...
  6. O

    The New Mavic Arrives!

    Like so many others, I anxiously counted down the days to January 23rd and the big DJI announcement. When I saw the leaked photos a day ahead, I knew I would probably buy one. I didn't make it 15 minutes into the announcement when I selected the Onyx Fly More Combo and made my purchase. Later...
  7. C

    DJI Spark arrived-Fly More Combo Unboxed!

    Woohoo! Finally got the Spark, luckily the Fedex guy saw my "please leave the package" note lol. The dang thing is super tiny, but I guess we all knew that! Of course, it's different in person than it is in photos, especially when you're used to the Mavic or even larger drones. I'll get...
  8. R

    Spark just got delivered!

    My Spark was just delivered, here's my quick unboxing video! Will post my impressions by the end of the weekend.
  9. V

    Mavic Pro unboxing...probably the first ever in India!

  10. N

    Tutorial Videos?

    Why DJI not publish tutorial videos of Mavic? They just published some technical videos. It was important, as for the phantom series, have videos of the unboxing and first steps. Does anyone know why have not they done? Are there alternatives?
  11. P

    Let the unboxing begin !!!!

    Seems the first ones have arrived. Just found those. Probably way more very soon.
  12. UAV Man

    One more unboxing I will kill!!

    Seriously if I see one more moron unbox something! anything! I'll kill them with a 'desert' spoon!! What is wrong with people and boxes... Get the thing out of the box and show people....:mad::mad: