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  1. L

    How much use before servicing?

    A question occured to me today, and DJI support can not answer it (I spent 10 minutes trying to explain, but it was not working.) Is there a reccomended amount of use (i.e. flight hours or distance in meters) that is deemed safe to fly before a professional ahould look at the aircraft. Like a...
  2. timesnaps

    Poll: What do you use your Mavic for?

    Hi, I am trying to work out how many people use this craft for serious aerial media production. I know by now its limitations, but there are of course many advantages too. Please vote - and explain if you feel the need. I work as a professional editorial and commercial photographer and bought...
  3. A

    Live stream approximate data usage per minute

    Hey all! I've tried searching for answers but nobody could answer this. I asked DJI Online Support but as many of us have come to notice, it's as good as talking to the drone. Anybody has actually tested this and has an approximate data usage per minute of live stream footage? Thanks! :)