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usb c

  1. C

    Faulty 65W car charger?

    Hi all, I'm setting up a remote charging solution for my Mavic 3 and have started with a 12.8V 30Ah LiFePo4 battery and a 65W car charger which came with a 100W type C charging cable (this eBay one to be precise). I've tried charging a single Mavic 3 battery which is at 50-75% state of charge...
  2. Wizard_of_AUS

    Original cable not long enough.

    If this is up already I'm sorry! Just got the mavic mini 2 and the orginal cable is not long enough. I'm looking for an adapter usb-c female to usb-c male lightning adapter but I'm having no luck. I talked to DJI and they said it has to be lightning. Looking for advise on what to do! I'm in...
  3. N

    USB C to micro USB - anyone get working?

    So now am owner of note 8, and trying to work a way to prevent phone charging from the controller, via using the micro USB port. I have successfully connected via the full size USB on the underside, but this charges phone (as we all know). I brought a USB C to micro USB cable, which allows me...