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used drone

  1. S

    SOLD - DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo for Sale - $600 OBO

    Excellent condition Mavic Pro Fly More combo. 47 flights. Used for aerial photography but upgraded to Mavic Pro 2 so no need for this any more. Never been in any crash and never had a single problem with the craft. Super fun to fly and reliable in all conditions. Comes with the following: DJI...
  2. B

    Buying a used Mavic Pro - have some last minute questions!

    I decided to buy a Mavic Pro drone - I'm brand new to drones. I was going to buy new from DJI or Best Buy, but I just found out a co-worker/friend has one and told me he would sell it for a good price. I am curious what questions I should be asking before buying a used drone? I originally...
  3. G

    Anyone know how to register a used drone?

    I've sold my P3S after getting the Mavic and was trying to help the fella get started with his Phantom. I know that he should register it in his name with DJI and the FAA but I couldn't locate anything in a quick search on Google and didn't see any topics about it when I searched this forum...