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  1. gcopter1

    ***SOLD!***A2S with FMC, RCPro, extra battery, lanyard attachment, Firehouse Strobe

    Selling my lightly used A2S with FMC. In addition, extra battery, lanyard attachment for the RC Pro, Firehouse strobe (white light), battery terminal covers. List of all the items; *DJI A2S Drone with original propellers and battery. *3 extra batteries with terminal covers (4 covers in total)...
  2. gcopter1

    A2S Used price

    I have an Air2S, with the Fly More Combo plus an extra battery and RCPro. In the used market, what would be a good asking price for it? Obviously, not new but in very good conditions. Never crashed. All cables and original accesories plus a Firehouse Strobe. I'm contemplating selling it in...
  3. A

    Opinions please. Buying Air1 vs Air2 in 2022

    I am thinking of buying a lightly used Mavic air1 fly more package for $330. Do you guys think it’s worth it or spend like $500 on a used air2 fly more package instead? I am pretty new to the drones and am not a professional photographer but trying to get into it as a hobby and for vids and...
  4. V

    New owner of a used Mavic Pro, Wales UK

    Hello all, Firstly, wow, from my brief scan through this forum I am genuinely amazed at the level of knowledge and expertise on display. I've been a long time admirer of the Mavic Pro and have been waiting patiently for the price to drop enough to snap one up. A few years and several nervous...
  5. S

    SOLD - DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo for Sale - $600 OBO

    Excellent condition Mavic Pro Fly More combo. 47 flights. Used for aerial photography but upgraded to Mavic Pro 2 so no need for this any more. Never been in any crash and never had a single problem with the craft. Super fun to fly and reliable in all conditions. Comes with the following: DJI...
  6. maVik-Venkat

    Insurance on a used drone

    Hey guys - got a used MP and love it. Terrified of it flying away on me and want to insure it. Read the threads here and landed on State farm, who I reached out to. The thing is: bought mine used, and therefore no receipt. I'm calling the seller to send me one, but seems unlikely. Anyone dealt...
  7. M

    Looking for used set of Polar Pro filters

    I am looking for a used set of Polar Pro filters for my Mavic Pro as a reasonable price.
  8. Alexander_gohan

    Mavic Pro + accessories for sale ($800)

    For sale used mavic pro with accessories (fly only 7 times). What is in the box : DJI mavic 6 propellers Heightened landingn gear Remote controller joysticks Hard case for mavic and controller
  9. G

    4 Day Old Mavic Pro Fly More Combo

    DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo. Purchased just the other day (8/24/17) from Hobbytown USA in Kennesaw, GA (ie Atlanta, GA). Purchased to video soccer games but won't work as I'd like based on feedback I've received on here (in the General Forum I posted about this). Thus, I have to dump it in...
  10. markyodo

    Purchasing used - checklist?

    An acquaintance of mine was able to get a fly more bundle in Nov. 2016 at a DJI launch party. From what I know he has only flown the drone 2 times and less than 25 minutes and he purchased the replacement insurance. I have offered to buy the Mavic from him but I want to check it out first...