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  1. gcopter1

    A2S Used price

    I have an Air2S, with the Fly More Combo plus an extra battery and RCPro. In the used market, what would be a good asking price for it? Obviously, not new but in very good conditions. Never crashed. All cables and original accesories plus a Firehouse Strobe. I'm contemplating selling it in...
  2. A

    Opinions please. Buying Air1 vs Air2 in 2022

    I am thinking of buying a lightly used Mavic air1 fly more package for $330. Do you guys think it’s worth it or spend like $500 on a used air2 fly more package instead? I am pretty new to the drones and am not a professional photographer but trying to get into it as a hobby and for vids and...
  3. V

    New owner of a used Mavic Pro, Wales UK

    Hello all, Firstly, wow, from my brief scan through this forum I am genuinely amazed at the level of knowledge and expertise on display. I've been a long time admirer of the Mavic Pro and have been waiting patiently for the price to drop enough to snap one up. A few years and several nervous...
  4. maVik-Venkat

    Insurance on a used drone

    Hey guys - got a used MP and love it. Terrified of it flying away on me and want to insure it. Read the threads here and landed on State farm, who I reached out to. The thing is: bought mine used, and therefore no receipt. I'm calling the seller to send me one, but seems unlikely. Anyone dealt...
  5. M

    Looking for used set of Polar Pro filters

    I am looking for a used set of Polar Pro filters for my Mavic Pro as a reasonable price.
  6. markyodo

    Purchasing used - checklist?

    An acquaintance of mine was able to get a fly more bundle in Nov. 2016 at a DJI launch party. From what I know he has only flown the drone 2 times and less than 25 minutes and he purchased the replacement insurance. I have offered to buy the Mavic from him but I want to check it out first...