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  1. New England Droning

    How high have you been with your Mini 2?

    I don't mean being impaired due to intoxicating substances... I know we all know better. I took mine up to 4,255 feet and before the drone police jump me... that's 4,255 MSL. its only 399 AGL. But over Mount Equinox in Vermont's southern "Mountains," I arrived at the top on a sunny day and...
  2. Julius Danziger

    Air 2s Fall foliage in Green Mountains of Vermont three days ago

    The foliage in the last week in Stowe Vermont has been magnificent.Everywhere one turned could have been a composition withe the drone
  3. O

    Autumn in Vermont 2019

    This was my first weekend with the MA, so I had no clue what I was doing. Hopefully I can make better videos in the future, but I did manage to grab some decent footage from what I had taken.
  4. RTKD

    The beauty of Vermont (Deep woods flying, Sound design and Music)

    This was shot with a Mavic Pro and a custom FPV rig that records with a GoPro7. The "Hypersmooth" setting on the GoPro was the last ingredient I needed to smooth my FPV footage out. Between hypersmooth, and shooting in 60FPS to slow down in post, my FPV shots are about as stable as the mavic...
  5. RTKD

    Cold Introspection

    Messing around with some old footage today, this was winter last year. I screwed one of the ramps up, it's really obvious to me now, but I don't think it's worth fixing for a little mess around piece. By the way, if you're looking for music I found @Eric Matyas here on the site, and he's got...
  6. CarsonV123

    Hello from Burlington (VT)

    Hey fellow MavicPilots! just got a mavic air for my birthday, have been very excited to get started. I work as a UAS team member flying RTK EBEEs for a spatial analysis laboratory, but this is my first quad-copter! I've been reading up on the fourms and they have been instrumental in my quick...
  7. RTKD

    Time Remapping?

    I've been experimenting with time remapping more and I can't decide whether I like it or not. On one hand I would relish the ability to produce more dynamic footage, but on the other hand it's difficult to pull off without looking mechanical, and sometimes sped up footage looks downright goofy...
  8. RTKD

    Vermont and Florida (4 videos)

    Shooting slowly until I finish my race drone photo platform :) Until then I have some footage of Northern Vermont in the winter: And Jupiter Florida in the spring: My "Experimental" edit (lots of time remapping and a little jerk) And, if you care to see it, my very first flights and edit...