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video cache

  1. TrayBoz

    Video Cacheing - Could it help me find my mavic?

    I have a question for you experienced mavicians. I recently decided to turn off Video Caching on my iPad Mini4 when flying to reduce the workload of the iPad when flying and to save storage space on it (yes I know you can purge cached files). My question is: if (God forbid) something...
  2. alexcannas

    DJI GO4 Cached video inaccessible

    Hi guys, I've got a problem with my DJI GO 4.0.6 app on Android. It doesn't show the cached video in the Editor. When I browse to the DJI_RECORD folder, MP4 video files are there, but they cannot be opened. Photos do show up in the editor. Any ideas? It was fine before the latest update, I...
  3. MavicMikeGA

    Wow! POI Video w/ Taco ND 16 Filter, 15-20 MPH wind, cached footage

    TLDR (Video): ND16 Taco filter let me step down to 50 FPS, 100 ISO POI rotation at about 25 feet radius and 15 feet up. Video footage was very...
  4. T

    Help w/ App: Getting video from Drone to App

    I recently shot some video with my drone but was over the cache limit on my app. The video is stored on my drone, I can see the file but I have no idea how to get the video into my DJI app to edit it. I can't edit it on my computer because it can't handle 4k Any help here would be awesome
  5. Slantnose79

    Video vs. Taking Pictures

    I've had about 30 flights 5.75hrs with my MP in the past 2-weeks. No surprises, just fun [so far]! Question: is there any way to capture the video in the phone when you are not recording? Or, onto the SD card? Reason being, I like to take pictures, and therefore find myself not doing much...