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video fail

  1. Vilhiem

    Pixelated Video, then Freeze, then No Video

    I am completely confused here. After doing a sensor calibration (due to an error I was getting that Precision Landing required a sensor calibration) ... I took the Mavic Pro up today and started seeing some pixelation ... then the video froze ... then absolutely no video at all!!! I've since...
  2. kcoleman805

    long video into 2 clips?

    So I was just out shooting with the mavic and I wanted to shoot something for a time-lapse and so I found the place I wanted to shoot, set the mavic to "tripod mode" and then started filming. I filmed for about 15 minutes, brought the mavic back and uploaded the footage onto my computer. When I...
  3. S

    No video feed to phone and says "Aircraft Disconnected"

    Evening all,first time drone owner and im having some drama. first few flights where fine no dramas at all.But now i have No Video feed to my phone,and i have several different messages that have displayed 1:Aircraft Disconnected 2:Radio channel quality - poor 3:Gimble status - Disconnected...
  4. Bintryin

    Video Fail Help Needed

    Hi all I went for a morning flight . Taking some video of the flood coming our way in a few days . I was near some High voltage power lines so not sure if it caused this to happen i was shooting in 4k then the gimbal tilted and even changed the video format . the footage never showed up on the...
  5. baweber

    Mavic is now useless

    Using latest software - My drone is unusable at this time - seems to get worse every time I use it. I now get almost constant warning messages - including "Disconnected" when Mavic and controller are within 50 feet! It is impossible to rely on the video as well as it is completely garbled...