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video feed

  1. S

    No Image Transmission error

    Hello I have been flying my Mavic Pro for a bit over a year now, without any mayor problem. Today I am getting the “No Image Transmission RTH error” message, with black screen on the phone. It happens right after takeoff, or sometimes after 10 minutes of flight, erratically. Normally, the...
  2. M

    Video Feed For Samsung Galaxy S7 Users

    I currently run a Samsung galaxy s7 active, and up until the 4.2.20 firmware update on june 10th 2018 the mavic was running smooth. I film in a lot of remote locations where drone laws are non existent and would frequently fly out over 2 miles with little live video lag or dropout. (SEE IMAGE...
  3. A

    Gimbal board broken from crash? ribbon & cam line cable replaced, neither gimbal movement nor video!

    Hi Guys, i crashed my mavic, ribbon cable and camera line cable ripped off. I bought replacements on amazon and replaced them with the help of a YT video. I recon everything went fine, all connectors fit good. BUT: I have no gimbal movement when turning the mavic on (no calibration, no...
  4. Joymaker

    Streaming live video drone -> phone -> laptop

    I want to take the video feed that is coming from my drone to my phone and stream it to my Mac laptop, so that several friends can be watching while I'm flying. If I could stream it to a big television, that would be even better! (Or to the Web, in reduced resolution.) I can find several apps...
  5. V

    Mavic Air - New Video Feed Issues

    Odd issue here...I've had solid video feed on my Mavic Air for about 2 weeks now even since I've been choosing my custom WiFi channels instead of using Auto. Using an iPad Mini 4 for my monitor and the ONLY thing the Mini is used for is flying the Air so it's bare bones. I went to fly yesterday...
  6. M

    Filming looks like a Watercolor painting.

    Filming in 1080p, 2.7k, 4k modes creates a very blurry recording that looks a lot like a watercolor painting. Any thoughts or solutions? It started out only happening in the 1080p higher frame rates which i understand now why, but it is doing it in every resolution now.
  7. D

    Frozen video feed

    I had 2 issues today 1. While recording the video at 4k it stopped every second. I had used the same card before and had no issues. I am using sandisk 64GB 95mb/sec 2. Mavic was about 30-40 meters away and the video started pausing. As I was turning the craft video feed was frozen. Anyone...