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video recording

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    Mavic Air not recording entire video

    I just bought a Mavic Air. I am recording onto a 64GB Sandisk MicroSD card installed on the Mavic Air. However, every time I record, only part of the video gets recorded. Also, sometimes , it doesn't record at all. Please help.
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    SD Card Not Recording

    Hi folks, Several times after flying with the Mavic, when I take out the SD card from the bird, there is no video. I'm wondering if there is a way to ensure the SD card on the bird is always recording? One possible reason that came to mind was that my storage on the RC tablet is full. Any...
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    Mavic Air video freezes

    My brand new DJI Mavic Air has a strange problem with video recording. Here it is: Video just frozen for many seconds, then drone "teleportates". I found this issue for 3 times while 4 hours of flying. Not so much but this thing is very disappointing because I can't manage that something is...
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    Losing Camera Connection

    Pressing video record, the camera records for two or three seconds then drops out and stops the recording. All the camera controls then indicate N/A for a few seconds, before the record becomes available. The picture is ok in transmission, I just can't get it to record video.