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video setting

  1. Mavic Ninja

    Video Quality Help!

    Hi all, I have been most recently shooting videos in 4K, but then converting them to 1080p in order to be compatible on my iPhone, iPad (not 4K compat), and MacBook. Once converting, the quality is not that great. I was hoping that someone could reccomend a setting to change to so that I...
  2. heo3480

    Best Camera Settings for Mavic Pro – Walkthrough

    When shooting video it's good to know the best camera settings for Mavic Pro. In this tutorial, I explain the settings for video one by one.
  3. kcoleman805

    What settings do you use?

    What settings do you guys use for photo and for video: Photo: Photo: Single? HDR? AEB? Other? Image Size: 4:3 or 16:9? Image Format: JPEG? RAW? Both? Style: Standard? Landscape? Soft? Custom? If Custom, what settings? Color: D-Cinelike? Or something else? Video: Video: Which 4k and...
  4. J

    MOV vs MP4

    Is there a consensus as to which is preferable? Or is it just taste? The reason I ask is I that I switched to mp4 yesterday just for kicks and for the first time I got the watercolor effect.
  5. T

    Issues editing video

    I recently got some great footage on my Mavic. I had reached the cache limit on the app so the file did not show up on my phone however I was able to watch it when connected to the drone. I transferred the file directly from the drone to my computer via USB but now can't seem to open the file...
  6. mattyd58

    Inconsistent Video Quality

    Hi. Anyone experiencing inconsistent video quality with the Mavic?. I'm still testing. I record several videos in the exact, same area back to back, same time of day. Exact same settings (no filters or styles applied), same format, same conditions, same flight path. When played back on computer...
  7. DroneTone

    Cinematic Settings in DJI GO 4

    Just now setting up my new Mavic and decided to use DJI GO 4 exclusively for the Mavic and use an older version of GO for my Phantom 3 Pro. In the past I've enjoyed using the cinematic settings mentioned in this thread for better video with my Phantom 3 Pro and GO 2.8.1. It definitely makes...