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Inconsistent Video Quality


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Nov 4, 2016
Hi. Anyone experiencing inconsistent video quality with the Mavic?. I'm still testing. I record several videos in the exact, same area back to back, same time of day. Exact same settings (no filters or styles applied), same format, same conditions, same flight path. When played back on computer - using multiple players, viz., QuickTime, VLC, Photoshop, Davinci, Windows Media, GoPro et. al. Some video is perfect - crystal clear. Others are so blurred that at first I thought I might have missed a plastic, protective shield on the camera lens. No, I did not. And I used a micro fiber cloth to thoroughly clean the lens. I have tried using different camera settings and formats (MP4, MOV), same results; some video will be perfect while others are as described above. I'm thinking the SD card might be the problem but that occurred to me just now. I can't recall if I swapped it out or continued to use the same one for each flight? As always: any & all feedback, suggestions or advice will greatly be appreciated.
Hi. Thank you but no, you mis-understand me. I am speaking of recorded video in post production. Nothing to do with the live feed. Only the video that is recorded.
I think you misunderstood 4wd. He's saying even though you tap to focus, it might look ok on live feed but it was actually jacked up for the recorded higher quality video where it would be more pronounced.

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