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virtual litchi mission

  1. S

    High Sierra -- My First Project

    In the days after I purchased my first drone (Mavic 2 Pro) I learned some valuable lessons. I can still climb a tree like a 12-year-old (mostly). DJI Care Refresh is awesome. I am more interested the photography than the flying. This forum is a goldmine of information, i.e., Litchi Virtual...
  2. DJ Wes

    Dutch Windmills, Netherlands

    On a recent trip to the Netherlands I had the opportunity to capture footage of a few Dutch windmills. I used the footage to create this “Pop-Up” movie with small factoids of the windmills I visited. I hope you enjoy it. I used the following tools in the creation of this movie: • Dutch...
  3. Rockowe

    Awsome: AutoCreating a Litchi Mission from a Normal DJI Flight

    Often - the concept of creating a MISSION that can be flown over and Over - is too much work , or time Consuming, or simply too difficult to do. How often have you wished that in some way you could REDO the Flight you have flown previously, or needed to survey the same area without having the...
  4. D

    VLM - Limited to 1000m?

    I notice that the maximum HP altitude for "Virtual Litchi Mission" is 1000m. I unfortunately are above 1000m and thus cannot get my missions to show above ground. Is there a way around this?
  5. N

    Virtual Litchi Mission

    Download latest version here : Virtual Litchi Mission V2.5.0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VLM Frequently Asked Questions Problems Getting Started Q) VLM does not start properly – startup sound and splash...