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virtual reality

  1. cgmaxed

    Air 2 Example of Placing a Virtual Car into Drone Footage and using the spherical panorama feature to create lighting and reflections.

    This footage was taken by a Mav Air 2. I used camera tracking software to create a virtual camera and scene, then imported the video and camera tracking data into a 3d software program. I added the Rolls Royce (looks a little fake), but I'm still learning. I used the spherical panorama to create...
  2. Thmoore

    Aerial 360 video with MA2 + Insta360 One X2 + bracket + Oculus Quest 2

    Having conquered "dropping items via parachute from my Mavic Air 2," I have had a lot of fun over the last week stringing a few new toys together, and I thought the group might like to hear about it. The combination of the Mavic Air 2, a 360-degree camera (in my case, an Insta360 One X2), and a...
  3. TrayBoz

    DJI Goggles Other Uses: Virtual Reality / Oculus, etc.

    I've used the goggles to watch movies and play XBox One as well as fly the mavic. They work well and are pretty cool any way you look at it (pun intended). Has anyone tried using them in any type of virtual reality environment? I know there are numerous videos on YouTube that are designed...
  4. jontracey

    Watching a massive construction project from the air in 360 Degree video

    For the best part of six months now I have been flying a Mavic over a massive construction site here in the east of the UK where they are building a new dual carriageway (A14). I do this because a) is fun and b) so that local people and users of the current A14 can see the progress and hopefully...
  5. E

    Are DJI Goggles good for anything else?

    Got my goggles recently and am mostly happy with them. The fit isn't the greatest but its a minor complaint, and theres a bit too much light leak around the bottom but maybe I just have a misshapen head? In any case, I am wondering what else are they good for? Does anyone make an interface...
  6. coullit

    6 months with the Mavic

    my general chat and using the mavic every day