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voltage imbalance

  1. S

    Mavic air charging

    Hi, can I charge the battery in a 230 volt outlet with voltage imbelance without something breaks?
  2. S

    Battery Issue - wrong voltage?

    Im in Peru right now and when I plug in a battery (I have 3 brand new mavic batteries) - the 1st Led starts flashing And doesn't stop. I'm thinking the voltage is off some how BUT - in the manual I saw nothing about the 1st LED blinking (only combos of the 2-4th that meant errors) AND whe. I...
  3. Alex Baxter

    Battery error, low voltage on one cell

    I've just had a Battery Error come up prior to a flight with a freshly charged battery with 9 charges on it. Voltages are 4.17, 4.33 and 4.33 volts. Used DJI mains charger and car charger only. Just got in touch with DJI technical support, and awaiting for their response..