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  1. GFields

    Part 107 Waiver Examples

    A very helpful article if you're looking for help in creating a waiver. Jonathan Rupprecht Part 107 Waiver Examples Created by the FAA
  2. GFields


    Sky Elements has become the first U.S. drone light show company to get FAA approval to launch fireworks from drones. This clip shows 300 light show drones in flight over Sky Element’s test field, forming a bald eagle in red, white, and blue. Then, fireworks explode from the eagle’s wings in...
  3. V

    Flyin' high in Tucson, Arizona

    Hello all - FAA 107 certified and flying for the purpose of stock footage. Working on getting the daylight operations waiver as well to catch some night time lightning storms.
  4. A

    Night Waiver Recommendations

    Hi Guys, I need some help here. My waiver got denied & I thought I was very thorough in my application. Can anyone help point out what I am missing? I'm new to this, constructive feedback only please. Thanks in advance. Part of my drone business includes aerial photography & videography of...
  5. Peel

    The Future of FAA Authorization: LAANC

    Great new video from Remote Pilot 101 on the direction that the FAA is working toward for airspace authorization and waivers: