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  1. Drone UK

    WATERPROOF Drone is Here :)

  2. surf and turf travel

    Waterproof MP2...fact or fiction?

    I think I found the answer...
  3. TrayBoz

    Looks like the the Mavic is waterproof.

    For those of you who have not seen this video and own a Mavic, you really should check it out: This guy loses his Mavic in the water - it stays completely submerged in several feet of dirty water for over 1/2 hour, then he finds it, dries it out in a bag of rice for 3-4 days, replaces the...
  4. Easty

    First day with the mavic

    I made a little log of my first day with the Mavic, Just a little look at it close up, a couple of flight modes and the cases/bags i'm using for it for adventuring. As a P4 owner and using a drone for travelling, backpacking, travelling on motorcycle this device is a sure delight, size is...