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  1. toucanf16

    Where to find WiFi password of leg covered?

    Where can I get the WiFi password if my drone’s leg is wrapped?
  2. CaptainSal

    Ipad Mini 4 - Confusion

    Hi all, Newbie here! I'm sure others must've posted something similar to this, or same, but I'm between purchasing a Mini 4 w/Wi-Fi vs. a Mini 4 with Cellular. Then next option to consider - 32GB or 128GB? If I go with the Mini WI-Fi and use my phones hotspot, my guess it's going to be the...
  3. alexcannas

    Mavic Pro Wi-Fi 5G issue

    Hello forum!! I just got my new Mavic Pro Fly more bundle this weekend and have been playing with it to get to know it. Really excited about it. I updated to the latest firmware 1.03.0500, before doing anything else. There is an issue I came across and could not resolve: using WiFi to control...
  4. N

    ActiveTrack works only for a short time in WiFi mode

    Today I tested out WiFi mode thinking it might be the solution to filming myself doing things like.. well anything really where I don't want to be constantly holding the controller in the video. Hiking for example. I thought it might be great to be able to launch the mavic, put it in active...
  5. L

    Mavic Wi-fi

    Haven't seen any one talk about this amazing feature. I think this is one of the reason why I choice the Mavic over something else. To me the Wifi function just sounds amazing as I don't need to have any thing more then just the quad and my phone with me. (The Radio does get a little bulky if...