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Ipad Mini 4 - Confusion


Jul 16, 2017
North Miami, FL
Hi all,

Newbie here!

I'm sure others must've posted something similar to this, or same, but I'm between purchasing a Mini 4 w/Wi-Fi vs. a Mini 4 with Cellular. Then next option to consider - 32GB or 128GB?

If I go with the Mini WI-Fi and use my phones hotspot, my guess it's going to be the same as picking up a Mini with Cellular service?

But then I think, why doesn't DJI's Crystal Sky not have cellular capabilities? Is it safe to say you just don't need cellular service, or do they expect you to be connected to a hotspot when out flying?

Does one lose any of the DJI Go 4 features if your not using cellular at all vs. when I connect my iPhone to my controller?

The more I read about this on other forums, the more confused I become. I even called DJI Support today and couldn't get a straight answer from Patel aka Joe.
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I bought an iPad mini w/128 gig and Wi-Fi a couple of weeks ago. I use my phone's hot spot when flying.

If I've lost any capabilities I'm not aware.
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I just picked up an iPad mini 4 128gb a few weeks ago. Don't believe you need any service(internet) to fly. I got the cellular version because it has the GPS chip but I have not activated it.

Edit...I believe you lose the follow me feature if you dont get the cellular version because wifi does not have GPS.
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I have an ipad mini 4 wifi only 64GB

I always cache maps on the ipad 4 before going out to fly using my home wifi
Just in case there is poor cell service for my iphone, which I set as a hotspot and tether to my ipad when out on location

I also have a Garmin Glo Bluetooth GPS unit for the odd time I may wish to use Follow Me mode or if I know I will be moving away from the Home Point whilst the Bird is in the air (e.g. in a vehicle or on a boat) - Still worked out cheaper than purchasing the ipad mini 4 with cellular
I have the ipad mini 4 32gb wifi version and flew for months. I don't even tether to my phone. My only loss is viewing my current location on maps but then if I wanted that I could cache them before flying.
I don't use any special features as I fear they're linked to fly aways but that's my opinion.
If all I'm really going to lose is Follow Me, then I'm just going to run with the Mini 4 w/Wi-Fi then.

As for the maps, I'll do as you and some of my friends have suggested, download them at home before heading out to fly, or just tether from my phone.

I guess I'm just one of those people that likes to have all the bells and whistles in something I buy.

But from what I'm reading here and speaking with others, it just doesn't seem worth it having to cough up the extra dollars to have a Mini with cellular service.

I actually have an iPad 2 with cellular. If I tell you that I used it outside of my house or even at home more than 10 times since I picked it up in 2012, that's a lot. And yes, I'm already aware that it will not work for this application. Dame shame though. I should've gotten rid of it back then while it was still hot.

Thank you all for your feedback!
Ha Sal, first of all welcome!

On the topic; with the wi-fi only model, you loose both gps and cellular capabilities. Loosing the controller gps means that you can not use any of the controller location data, so follow me doesnt work, but also, can not update the home point with the controller location anymore. This is something you will really miss when for example, you are flying your mavice while kayakking or so.

Losing the cellular only means you can not download maps data in the field.

I bought the 128Gb version, and I never missed the gps or the cellular stuff, since the map is not really needed anyway, and normally I sit down in a comfortable spot, start the mavice and don't move around when flying.

I bought the 128 version over the 64 as you can't have too much storage space, and the price increase was reasonable.

I hope this helps, and looking forward to seeing some of your footage in the future!
You will lose also the reset of the home point. Just bought the iPad mini 4 with cellular ! The Mavic is TOP and I didn't want to lose anything

Regarding 32 or 128 take the bigger.... always better to have enough room.

Don't forget that you can't use the GPS of your iPhone even with the hot spot
Screen is not exactly as good as the mini 4 (reflect, pixel per inch).

And also consider the weight [emoji6]
Sure, throw me a curve

Why the 2 vs. 4?
Ipad Air 2 has a 9.7" screen vs iPad Mini 4 which has a 7.9". They have similar performance specs.

I tried out my Galaxy Tab 4 and I think that it has a 9.7" screen. It was nice to have a giant screen but the for me it's much easier to hold the iPad mini.
The controller does not have built-in GPS it relies on the mobile viewing device that you have connected for its GPS location as far as catching Maps I believe you open the DJI Go app hit the start flight button and then change it from the camera screen to the map screen which is the bottom right-hand corner on my Apple once that screen expands move the map around to the area that you wish to fly and zoom in and zoom out until the map depixelates. I'm sure somebody will chime in if I'm wrong and I really don't think depixelates is actually a word but I think you know what I mean
I would also add when you're catching Maps you don't have to have your mavic turned on or connected you just need to connect to wifi open the DJI Go app and then do your map business otherwise you might be asking for a unwanted firmware upgrade and we all know we don't want to do that
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