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crystal sky

  1. Rusty in Bend

    Smart Controller is AWESOME ... (What fun!)

    Got the FedEx this morning ... charged it, activated it, updated it ... and was flying this afternoon. I've seen good and bad reviews on YouTube, but in my mind, this gadget is worth every dime I paid for it. The screen is amazing, the form-factor is super comfortable to hold, and I ran it...
  2. J

    Solution to Crystal Sky Won't Connect to Mavic Pro

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong place, I'm just trying to help. A lot of people like me couldn't get Crystal Sky to show "connected" to the Mavic Pro RC. Lots of advice is around the site here about powering on in different ways. This didn't work for me. I stumbled on this: The usb cable...
  3. C

    Tired of waiting for Mavic 2 support on CrystalSky? Wait no longer!

    So, the official news from DJI is that the US won't see an update for a while. Thus leaving us users in the dust. But I have managed to pull an updated, official, CS APK for DJI Go 4 from their servers and have created a share link for everyone to use. Tap this link with your CrystalSky to...
  4. Ian in London

    M2 Review & Solution for CrystalSky

    I had a subscriber who commented on my youtube review video below, outlining the method he used to get his CrystalSky unit working with the M2 Zoom. I don't have a CrystalSky unit, but wondered if this method works for anyone else? If anyone can test this out, be good to get this out for others...
  5. C

    Litchi supports CrystalSky Officially

    The news hasn't spread very far, so I'm making a new thread for those watching. Litchi now has official support for the CrystalSky and they have provided instructions to install it. DJI CrystalSky - Litchi For other compatible apps that have been tested on the CrystalSky, check out CrystalSky...
  6. Z

    Mavic Pro 2 and Crystalsky Not Working

    Received my Mavic 2 Pro, did the setup and update. All is well until I connect my CS like I have a hundred times before. It powers up but the on screen controls don’t work on camera<> video switch. Additionally, the controller buttons aren’t switching camera modes either. Remove CS, hook up...
  7. Keule

    GO4 app v4.2.20 ready to download on Crystalsky

    DJI released GO 4.2.20 for Crystalsky. To download: Open current GO4, the 'ME' tab should indicate a blue dot above the man-like shilouette. A pop-up window appears, and clicking on 'Install' - That's it.
  8. Narayita

    Can you get a realtime feed to another montitor via HDMI from the DJI CrystalSky? Lets find out :)

  9. Narayita

    I just got the 7.85 " CrystalSky and posted my unboxing, more follow up videos as I learn explore!

  10. Narayita

    I just got a 7.85" CrystalSky, how do I update the firmware on my Mavic Pro with it?

    There may be an easy answer to this but I can't seem to figure it out. I have the CrystalSky connected to the controller via USB-C to USB cable connected to the USB port on the bottom of the controller. You are supposed to have the controller connected to the aircraft when you do updates but if...
  11. Keule

    New CrystalSky Firmware released (November 9, 2017)

    FYI: Overview Date:2017.11.09 CrystalSky Firmware: V02.04.02.00 DJI GO 3 App: V 3.1.18 DJI GO 4 App: V 4.1.14 DJI Pilot Beta: V 0.3.6 What’s New Added Data Transmission on the Quick Settings page to support downloading photos and videos from CrystalSky to your mobile device (DJI GO 4...
  12. CaptainSal

    Ipad Mini 4 - Confusion

    Hi all, Newbie here! I'm sure others must've posted something similar to this, or same, but I'm between purchasing a Mini 4 w/Wi-Fi vs. a Mini 4 with Cellular. Then next option to consider - 32GB or 128GB? If I go with the Mini WI-Fi and use my phones hotspot, my guess it's going to be the...