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mini 4

  1. E

    Using Mini 4 for Real estate photo/video

    Hello, just wondering if anybody uses the Mini 4 for Real Estate photography/video? If so, in what way is it used? I am a real estate photograpger living up in Ontario Canada, and thinking of using it to take some basic aerial shots of houses while I do my regular virtual tours. Thinking it...
  2. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Mini 4 Pro Cinematic Adventure Video

  3. mfishhead

    Mini 4

    Hello from Michigan. So if I buy an iPad Mini 4 Wifi only to fly my Pro 2 what are the downfalls besides having to do updates only when connected to Wifi? Best Buy has the 128GB for $250 right now - seems pretty tough to pass up. Thanks in advance - Mike.
  4. V

    Flying with a Mini 4?

    After much frustration with an S8, I purchased a used Mini4. Question for those flying with a Mini4, do you have the arms hold it in portrait orientation, or did you get a holding frame, and if so, which? TIA! Rick
  5. P

    IPad Mini 4 Lightning Cable choice

    I apologize if this question has already been answered, but I jut got the iPad mini 4 for the Mavic and it is in an otterbox defender case. I am looking for recommendations on a lightning cable that will work with that case on. I also use it in a mav mount, so needs to be a slightly longer...
  6. CaptainSal

    Ipad Mini 4 - Confusion

    Hi all, Newbie here! I'm sure others must've posted something similar to this, or same, but I'm between purchasing a Mini 4 w/Wi-Fi vs. a Mini 4 with Cellular. Then next option to consider - 32GB or 128GB? If I go with the Mini WI-Fi and use my phones hotspot, my guess it's going to be the...