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wifi + cellular

  1. K

    Mavic Mini Need Cellular Connection or Wifi?

    Hello all I've been wanting to get a drone for a while and I was planning on getting the DJI Mavic Air but then the mini came out. I have not a flown a drone before so I feel like I would benefit the most from the mini. However I do a lot of traveling and thats what I like to make videos. I...
  2. I

    Looking for clarification re ipad/cellular

    I appreciate this is a subject that has been covered in several other threads and I apologise if I seem to be unnecessarily duplicating the question, but I wonder if someone could give me a definitive answer. I've tried to combine the responses from several other threads here and elsewhere but...
  3. Shoei39

    iPad controller requirements for Mavic - WiFi or WiFi + Cellular?

    When using an iPad with your Mavic controller, is WiFi + cellular required or will WiFi work just as well? Thanks for any advice you can provide on this issue.