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win 10

  1. gjmphoto

    USB Device Not Recognized - Over and over...???

    This morning, I connected my OSMO Pocket to my laptop with the USB-C plug at the bottom of the unit. It prompted me to remove the other connector and then asked me if I wanted to allow my computer to connect, which I did allow. That created a drive on my PC called the "A9 platform" and I was...
  2. J

    Virtual Litchi Mission 2.2 not appearing when launched Win 10

    VLM 2.2 has been working just fine for the last several days after installing. Today, when launched, it does not appear on my screen. Running Win 10. Had this happen once before with 2.1, but went away when I first installed 2.2 Uninstalled and reinstalled, but same results. Opened task manager...