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  1. blackomega

    Mini My second to last winter video Oliver Lake BC

  2. Jim D

    2 Pro Mt. Index

    I hiked up to Lake Serene below Mt. Index off of Hwy 2 in WA last week. Not a spectacular sunrise I was hoping for but got some good shots of the dramatic north and east faces of this incredible mountain. All drone shots are RAW panos processed and stitched in computer. Here is the typical...
  3. I

    2 Pro 2nd flight photos. Not bad for a noob? :)

    Took my new toy out for a test flight today as I learn what the hell I'm doing. I don't think they came out too bad for the first real flight. I've got a lot to learn, but this is going to be fun!
  4. Jim D

    2 Pro Deer Creek Valley in Winter

    It was a bit of work breaking trail on cross-country skis in deep snow to get to this point where I took the drone up for a pano.
  5. virtualphotographers

    Air 2 First snowfall in Chicago

    5 shot pan of LSD as the sun sets after our first real snow of the season if you’d like to see more, I posted an album of shots here. Chiberia 2021
  6. virtualphotographers

    Air 2 Chicago Harbor Light

    Flew a little over a mile above the ice pack to shoot the Chicago Light as the sun set on a truly frigid winter day
  7. blackomega

    Mini Just a game of Pond hockey on a frozen lake

    These happy hockey players were happy to have me film them having some fun on the lake
  8. Julius Danziger

    Air 2 Flying in Galveston on a winters afternoon

    The winter weather in Galveston is usually mild.The light is different to the summer since it is not as harsh
  9. Salem-Drone

    Mini Winter Island Lighthouse in what else? Winter...

    prefix should be mini2... This one of the few times I've had to fly so far (winter in New England is tough) :) but I got my mini 2 in Nov and practiced out in the woods but that gets old so I went to the nearby coast and Winter Island (Salem Massachusetts) They had just painted the lighthouse...
  10. blackomega

    Mini Ice formations on a frozen river

    Strong winds and cold weather make for some interesting ice shapes on the Skeena River Here is video 2 of the Skeena on Ice
  11. blackomega

    Mini An icy river

    A great day for some flights along the frozen Skeena River. Here is my first video in the series. Please let me know what you think and as always. Please like and Subscribe
  12. M

    Mini How Norwegians Quarantine - Mini 2

  13. Steve F

    Air 2 Winter flight along the Sierra divide

    Thought I would share a flight captured flying along the divide of the Sierra Nevada peaks along the Echo Lakes basin during the winter. I had some strong winds on the ridge that buffeted the MA2 drone during the ascent of what is called Flagpole Peak at 2:50 - 3:13. My original plan was...
  14. Coskier

    2 Pro Loveland Pass Backcountry Terrain, Colorado, USA

    Had an unusually calm day last weekend, weather wise, on top of the Continental Divide in Colorado. So I thought I would see what I could get with the M2P.
  15. thefrisbee995

    Mini This is as good as it good in 2020 (Mini 2 video)...

    So usually I like to take my drones (and cameras) abroad with me and on little adventures and build little compilations.. 2020 was a bad year for this. Luckily the Mini 2 got to me just before tier 4 lockdown hit in my county and I managed to get a few nice shots in before boxing day! Check...
  16. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    2 Pro Mt. Rainier: Forest Valleys, Frozen Waterfalls, Wildlife and Alpine Snow

    A sky filled with the warped and twisted clouds of a wild December day swirls ominously over the snow shrouded meadows of Mt. Rainier National Park. From crown, wreathed in fog, mighty Tahoma drips with frosted ice cascading over dark cliffs of volcanic stone. Far below in the rainforest valleys...
  17. San_Marino

    Air 2 Snow Dusted Mountain Tops | Pfeifferhorn Peak

    My friend and I hiked Pffeiferhorn in Utah a couple of weeks back and I was able to capture these awesome drone shots of the ridgeline. We got caught in a blizzard at the peak, but the skies were clear for this flight.
  18. blackomega

    Mini Flying along the Skeena

    A little film from our drone road trip this weekend If you like what you see please give the video a ??
  19. blackomega

    Komahan Lodge

    Fishing lodge on the Skeena River hidden in the wilderness
  20. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    First flight with the Mavic 2 Pro - flying in the mountains

    Thick snow coats the deep forests of silver fir that cling to rugged mountain slopes in the high reaches of the Cascade Mountains. Glittering with a freezing rainbow of monochromatic hues, winter paints the forest in the colors of a slumbering world. The underlying greenery may still be glimpsed...