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  1. RTKD

    Time Remapping?

    I've been experimenting with time remapping more and I can't decide whether I like it or not. On one hand I would relish the ability to produce more dynamic footage, but on the other hand it's difficult to pull off without looking mechanical, and sometimes sped up footage looks downright goofy...
  2. logge

    Walking on frozen lake in Sweden - Lessons learned

    I recently visited Sweden and since it was -15 degrees C (5 F) the nearby lake was completely frozen over. A great opportunity to go for a walk and of course to take the Mavic for a spin. In the video you'll also see the traditional Swedish ice transportation device: The Kick (Spark) Lessons...
  3. Digitaldias

    Music overkill

    Shot during the winter in Norway, this is my neighbourhood, the horizon was WAY overdue for a calibration, and the music is fairly overkill for what it is, but I had great fun making it. Shot with a circular polarizer for helping with the bright snow and sun.
  4. derekcreates

    Tahoe weekend

    As my MA flying evolves, so is my video editing. Here is my first crack with multiple clips from the MA, GoPro Session and iPhone. And now with music! Take a look and feedback is always welcome! Enjoy.
  5. D

    End of winter in Poland

    Hi fellow pilots! Didnt plan to make big video out of my last flying weekend but put together few minutes just to show the end of winter in Poland. 2 versions, one edited and one not... which one you like better? no edit: edit: safe flying! Best regards, Marcin
  6. R

    A foggy day

    That was hopefully one of the last winter days. Actually, I bought the Mavic Air to take some nice pictures. That also works quite well. I find the shooting of beautiful films quite difficult and hope that I have a little more time soon. Also, I'm looking forward to the possibilities of the...
  7. Q

    Winter in Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland

    DJI Mavic Pro in Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland. ND4 filter was used.
  8. J

    Flying in Hudson, WI

    Let me know what you think!
  9. AirBuzzOne

    First snow in the Norwegian mountains - autumn 2017

    Hi guys! I'm quite new here on the forum, but I thought I should present myself with these images taken just after the first snow at my cabin in the Norwegian mountains last year. The last picture is actually taken just before the snow, an early morning I managed to get up and launch the drone...
  10. GarenT24

    Snow shots

    I always liked shooting photos in the snow, so I thought the view from my MP could look just as cool, so I waited for a fresh blanket of snow to hit Chicago area and headed up! Thanks for looking! -Garen Alone: I'm always a sucker for negative space in photos, so this was an easy one...
  11. A

    Winter, Snow and first flight with DJI MAVIC PRO

    Hi Mavic fans :) This was my first flight with a drone and I am very happy that i chose to buy the DJI MAVIC PRO. I hope you enjoy the video :) If you like the video please share and subscribe to my channel :)
  12. FireRanger Tom

    Winter Sunshine upon Snowy Cabins

    First time flying with a polar pro nd32 filter to get some sunny winter footage
  13. Chalmers90

    Angel Of The North

    I travelled along to the Angel Of The North, to grab some photography shots of it up close. Whilst I was patiently waiting for the other visitors to admire the artwork, I took the opportunity to get some drone footage from a distance.
  14. N

    Sjusjøen Norway -15 celcius

    Got my Mavic for Christmas, so this is my second day of flying. Challenge: find the crash site of my drone on Christmas eve. It’s there in the deep snow somewhere :-) This is from my cabin in Sjusjøen, Norway https://viewer.hangar.com/360?assetId=/WYZw4bKj Same location, higher altitude...
  15. Mr Tic tac


    Guys, though i've been flying the mavic in every stituations but not snow, can some of you guys tell me if it is a good idea to fly the mavic when snowing for winter shots. Did anyone did it? Did you have any secondary effects and do you guys recommend me to do it? Should I take the risk?
  16. MQuinn

    Sunrise Pictures 12/14/17

    Some pictures around my little corner of the world
  17. Mpunktkarlsson

    First snowfall of the season

    Took my drone out this morning to get some footage after the first snowfall of the season last night. Hope you like it :)
  18. D

    Surfing with Dolphins | Mavic Pro

    Shot with my Mavic Pro. June 24th Mavic Pro by dope posted Jun 25, 2017 at 4:37 PM
  19. P

    -18°C/-4°F Winter footage, first time flight/edit/color. Feedback would be awesome!

    Hey all, it's my first time flying my drone and first try at editing with Premiere Pro (trial version). I shot in D-Log and colored for the very first time. I tinted the video a bit red for some warmth and added some blue to the sky as the original footage had white light, white snow and a lot...
  20. Admir83X

    Ponijeri (Bosnia and Herzegovina) / My first flight ever

    Hello pilots :) This is my first ever flight and also my first use of Premiere. I hope you'll like it. Some scenes are a bit longer, that's because I didn't have enough footage and I wanted to have video throughout the whole song. I should have fly a little bit more, but friends were more...