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wobble shake jittery

  1. N

    Camera vibrating on Air 2s

    Hello all, my camera on my air 2s has been vibrating like this recently and I haven't been able to figure out how or why. Gimbal seems undamaged, props are all fresh. Any ideas? Here is a video for reference.
  2. D

    Mavic Video Wobble - not plate problem

    Hey y’all I was wondering if you could help me fix a problem I have been having with my Mavic. In this footage - - you can see that I have a small bit of wobble that really makes my footage unusable. This was shot in fairly non windy conditions (about 5 mph) and will happen somewhat randomly...
  3. iamdorian

    Mavic 2 (Pro) RTH-triggered Vortex Ring State, Gyro issue or GPS confusion?

    On my second Mavic 2 Pro now. Before I mention what I think was a VRS wobble today using RTH, I wanted to mention a fatal series of errors that cost me my first Mavic 2. Christmas Eve I tried to fly a Litchi mission that would have taken the Mavic 2 Pro under a fairly low bridge over a...
  4. Jetspeed35

    "Sloppy" gimbal (not jello)

    I've had the jello gimbal before and found a fix on YouTube. This is different and I haven't been able to find anything on how to resolve it, probably because I don't really know what to call it. Whenever I yaw my Mavic Pro, my gimbal "sympathetically" rolls away from the turn, almost like it...
  5. Andrew F

    Mavic wobbling right after launching

    Hey guys. I had an ongoing but sporadic problem with my Mavic wobbling or shaking or jittery like after taking off. It was driving me crazy. I tried almost everything until I finally discovered the setting for prop guards had been enabled. Once it was turned off - my Mavic was golden and...