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  1. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Oludeniz, Turkey

    Hey friends - we had an amazing time in Oludeniz along the Turquoise Coast in Turkey. After visiting Fethiye we spent some time in a nearby campsite and finally made it down to explore the Blue Lagoon and Butterfly Valley in Oludeniz. Charlene even got a bit adventurous and jumped off a mountain
  2. Yaros

    What do you think about this video? Any suggestions to make it better? - My longest (7-minute) drone video

    Hello, I have been making drone videos together with my friend on our channel Drone YL on YouTube for some months now with our mavics. A few days ago I tried a little of a different style of video, and a little longer length. Normally we make videos that last 1-3 minutes, this one is 7 minutes...
  3. O

    Mini Sunrise in Arnprior, Ontario

    Check out my latest video here:
  4. TooTall

    NOOB from Southern California

    I wanted a drone forever to document my architectural design process but couldn't justify the cost of the decent camera carrying drones... Enter the Mavic Mini. So far so good and excited to learn from you all. Any "Must Watch" YouTubers for the new guys on here?
  5. H

    Hello from Portugal

    Hello, I have a Mavic 2 Pro and I already tested several models for my YouTube channel and other tecnologic gadgets ( I would like to share videos, pics and tips on this forum :) See my mavic pictures here (insta) @hugorbarreto
  6. apx90

    Mavic Air COLOR GRADED with LUTs

    Hi Fellow Mavic Pilots! We're two guys interested in the world of filmmaking and photography we run a YouTube channel with film + photo tutorials, LUT packs, templates, vlogs & more! We made a compilation of MAVIC AIR footage we shot and color graded with LUTs. All of the footage was shot with...