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I’ve been looking at some filter on Amazon too. I haven’t purchased any yet. I’ve been trying to shoot earlier in the day to avoid harsh light. Let me know how the filter work after you give them a shot.
The brand that I bought is "Neewer". About $25 with 6 filters (3 ND and 3 ND with polarizer)
The issue with the polarizer is that they just spin round and round with no real way to see markings to determine a setting. So, you need to turn on the camera and watch your video output to get any idea what the results will be while adjusting the filter rotation. Also, you need to make the settings while facing the drone in the actual direction you will be flying as the effect will not be the same if going at a different angle. But I think this would be the case with any polarizer?

Not a perfect explanation but many YouTube videos on the subject. If I had it to do again, I would look for some filter set that had some markings or settings on the ring.

Good luck!
Nice video. My wife's family moved from Arnprior in the early 1900s to Camrose Alberta.
Nice video, good flying.

We stayed at the Kirkman House, near the church, a couple of times during our various motorcycle adventures.

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