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  1. QldKing

    Air 2s Stay Grounded by Kitt Bennett | Darwin Australia | 5K [2022]

    'Stay Grounded' by Kitt Bennett We view our lives at zero distance. observing our own personal experience from behind our face looking out. This makes us feel separate from the rest of the world. But when we zoom out and change our point of view we can see that we are parts of a universe. Coming...
  2. Rhett Mullen

    Mini 2 Local State Park - Bird’s Eye View

    Hi there, Here is some drone footage that I took while hiking local park. Let me know what you guys think and thanks so much for your support!!!
  3. T

    First Flight - First Video - First Photos

    My first ever flight was on Wed with an experienced pilot and it was so amazing! We made sure I had everything set up correctly, including calibrating the compass and IMU (not sure if that was necessary). It was just an amazing experience and I’m hooked! Can’t wait to go out and fly more 😊 I’m...
  4. QldKing

    Air 2s DJIAIR2S 🇦🇺”WELCOME TO” | 5K Darwin [2021]

  5. QldKing

    Air 2s 🇦🇺 #DJIAIR2S "Inception" | Queensland | 5K [2021]

    Having a weird day? Imagine if this was reality!
  6. QldKing

    Air 2s ??#DJIAIR2S Mount Inkerman Scenic Lookout | Queensland | 5K [2021]

    Location: 19°44'45.29"S 147°29'44.70"E 7F3W+J7 Inkerman, Queensland Mount Inkerman, also known as Inkerman Hill, rises to 219 metres above the flat land of Inkerman. It is a ten minute (11 kilometres) drive from Home Hill and 90 minutes (110 kilometres) drive from Townsville and is well-known...
  7. O

    Mini Sunrise in Arnprior, Ontario

    Check out my latest video here:
  8. D

    2 Zoom The Great Done Crash and Recovery

    Hello All - I was not sure to post this under videos or crashes, so I put it here. The link to the video is below. I look forward to your comments
  9. DroneMan_ID

    Air 1 Hike to Adelmann Mine - Boise, ID

    Went for a hike to this old mine. Fun hike and I even got some good fall colors!
  10. tonydeli7

    Rowing practice

    I was photoshooting an abandoned factory when I notice that the local rowing club was practicing. So I can say I got lucky!
  11. SpikeSky


    Hello my Fellow pilots from around the world I have recently uploaded my latest video creation “ Flying JOY Ride - Blast off” on my YouTube channel > iSpike < featuring my MP-Ferrari Edition and custom HARLEY Trike.... Please see link below... I would like to invite you the take a look at the...
  12. ExtremeToast

    My First Mavic Video

    Hello everyone, just got a Mavic Pro a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share my first video. I've been super excited to finally get a drone and I'm sure there's lots more to learn!
  13. C

    Switzerland in 4k - Mavic Pro

    I have now lived in Switzerland for the last 5 months. This is a small video of the most epica places i've been so far! The video was shot at the Bernina Pass, Rigi Kulm, Filisur, Klöntaler See, Andermatt, Nätschen, Grindelwald and Lavaux
  14. eutx9795

    Cívica, a strange abandoned village

    Halfway between Brihuega and Masegoso de Tajuña, in Guadalajara, Spain, there is this architectural whim, a mixture of nature and a man's hand: Don Aurelio, a priest from the nearby town of Valderrebollo, who after acquiring a property in the The same village was dedicated every day between 1950...
  15. eutx9795

    One of the most famous islands at ancient history: Temple of Melqart-Hercules

    Hope you like this little piece of history This castle, located on an island at the mouth of the Caño de Sancti-Petri, is historically linked to one of the most important and famous temples of antiquity: the Temple of Melqart-Hercules. According to the historiography, in this temple was buried...
  16. E

    Nearly crashed my drone into over a dozen birds of prey!

    A short drone film I have made recently of birds of prey searching for food with the DJI Mavic Pro! Please give it a watch it you have a spare 2 mins. Appreciate all feedback :) (P.S. I know it's not color graded, my laptop froze and for that day wouldn't allow me to retner Premiere Pro so had...
  17. OmniDrone Aerial

    What do you think of the new OmniDrone logo? [POLL]

    Logo by Osegard Design Co. This guy does an incredible job. Give him a 'LIKE' on Facebook!
  18. Seabas82

    Nicaragua --> No Drones Allowed!

    Here is some DJI Osmo Mobile + iPhone7 Footage of Nicaragua on my latest trip. Unfortunately Drones are not allowed in Nicaragua so i could not take my Mavic Pro. Hope you enjoy!
  19. OmniDrone Aerial

    OmniDrone Aerial Photography & Videos

    Going forward I will use this thread to post any aerial photo & video content I'd like to share with you guys. I hope you like what you see, comments are always encouraged!
  20. OmniDrone Aerial

    Fresh Footage from OmniDrone Aerial

    Hey guys, thought i'd chuck some cuts together with the footage I've been grabbing. Video 1: St. Croix River Crossing / Stillwater lift bridge / 4k drone video by OmniDrone Aerial: Thanks for looking!