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  1. A

    Mini 4 Windy Testing Near Wind Turbines

    Recently I got the opportunity to fly in a beautiful area near some wind turbines. When we set out, it was all clear. Then It was crazy windy out of nowhere. Maybe because of the turbine location itself, lol! Naturally being windy, but it was a struggle for the mini 4 pro to stay steady on some...
  2. VideoProc

    Seize the Deal: VideoProc Converter 5.7 - Black Friday Giveaway! Convert, Edit, and Elevate Your Videos for Free

    VideoProc Converter is a complete video toolbox that helps convert, edit, repair, and resize various videos for convenient viewing, sharing, and further editing. Encompass 320 video codecs and formats incl. and accepting GoPro 5.3K 60fps/4K 120fps/1080p videos, DJI HDR 10-bit videos, and log...
  3. Freddygang

    The last flight

    Very short video of my M3P's last flight on Friday. Unprocessed footage shot with a K&F ND/PL filter - nice rainbow over the Ionian sea off the coast of a Greek island. After a brief period of ownership, my M3P's is packed to go back to Amazon to be swapped for a M4P . I really enjoyed the...
  4. M

    Mini 3 Pink hue in bottom of video. Please help!

    I unboxed and flew my Mini3Pro a couple weeks ago and everything poked fine on the RC screen. Today I took the as cars out (SANDISK Extreme PRO, A2, v30, 512gb) and there is a pink hue to the video, only on the SD card. I tried a different SD card (SANDISK Etreme 128gb A2, v30) and the same...
  5. A

    SOLVED Settings for Importing Mini 3 Video to DaVinci Resolve

    Hi, I am hoping someone can assist. When I go to import a video that is only 39 seconds long DaVinci just ignores the video. No errors, just doesn't bring it into the Media Pool. Mini 3 Pro Video settings: mp4; D-Cinilike; H.264; subtitles on; AUTO DaVinci I have installed the latest version...
  6. J

    Posting Mavic 3 Footage to Instagram

    Hey everyone, I am new to flying drones and the Magic 3 cine. I need to post the videos that I take on Instagram for the company I work for. I am able to get the footage onto my laptop and edit it, but I was wondering if someone could explain to me how to take the video I edit in iMovie and get...
  7. P

    2 Pro Channel Trailer Video

    Thought I might share on here with the forum a short channel trailer I created for a new YouTube channel where I can upload my clips of various landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes etc captured with my Mavic 2 Pro.
  8. T

    2 Pro The Forest | Cinematic Flight Mavic 2 Pro

    The Forest | Cinematic Drone Flight My first cinemactic video with the Mavic 2 Pro.
  9. luodiandian

    This is a video shot with Pocket 2, Everything here is amazing.

    Thank you for your watching and support. Have a nice day.
  10. ckoerner

    Mini Fort de Chartres and a smidge of Fort Kaskaskia State Park

    Took the kids (and my dad) out to an old fort over in Illinois to practice. We had plenty of space to try out some of the Quickshots. I even let my daughter take the helm for a few minutes. :) No sound.
  11. O

    Mini Sunrise in Arnprior, Ontario

    Check out my latest video here:
  12. marciosantos

    Air 2 MA2 - Testing HDR against the sun

    Some HDR videos against the sun to test Quad Bayer sensor of the Mavic Air 2.
  13. FoxFlight Drone Video

    Galveston Island, August 2020 (4K video to music)

    The beaches were packed on a Saturday in early August but that didn't stop us from getting some shots at amazing landmarks in Galveston, TX (and yes, the beaches too). Included are: Stewart Beach 1892 Bishop's Palace Moody Mansion Galveston Historic Seaport - Home of the 1877 Tall Ship...
  14. FLPilotshark

    Today is the 40th anniversary of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge disaster

    Today is the 40th anniversary of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge disaster. Thirty-five people died when the bridge over Tampa Bay that joined St. Petersburg and Bradenton in Florida collapsed after it was hit by a cargo ship at 7:33 a.m. May 9, 1980. Enjoy flight 50 over and out around this massive...
  15. T

    Mavic Air | Colorado Mountains

    Recently made my first 4K video and excited to make more! Thanks for watching!
  16. rikk08

    One of my favourite places in Iceland - Landmannalagur - Highlands of Iceland in 4K

    One of the most incredible places I've ever visited. Video is also uploaded on Skypixel here for the 5th Annual Contest (appreciate your support ?): The world's biggest drone photo and video sharing platform | Landmannalaugar ('People's Pools') - also called Rainbow Mountains is...
  17. B

    Pixelated Video Only at Certain Sizes? O.o

    Hi Mavic Community, This one is throwing me for a loop as I've used my Mavic countless times but today after I filmed some lobster fishing I noticed that the entire video looks out of focus or pixelated. Once I scaled the window down the video was running perfectly clear and looked great. Is...
  18. Jet skier

    St Thomas Church - Blakely MN

    Shot with M2P Nd16 filter