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video 4k

  1. T

    Mavic Air | Colorado Mountains

    Recently made my first 4K video and excited to make more! Thanks for watching!
  2. rikk08

    One of my favourite places in Iceland - Landmannalagur - Highlands of Iceland in 4K

    One of the most incredible places I've ever visited. Video is also uploaded on Skypixel here for the 5th Annual Contest (appreciate your support 🙏): The world's biggest drone photo and video sharing platform | Landmannalaugar ('People's Pools') - also called Rainbow Mountains is...
  3. B

    Pixelated Video Only at Certain Sizes? O.o

    Hi Mavic Community, This one is throwing me for a loop as I've used my Mavic countless times but today after I filmed some lobster fishing I noticed that the entire video looks out of focus or pixelated. Once I scaled the window down the video was running perfectly clear and looked great. Is...
  4. Jet skier

    St Thomas Church - Blakely MN

    Shot with M2P Nd16 filter
  5. heo3480

    Chasing windmills (4K)

    I had a chance to capture some footage from the Orsted windmill farm at Advedøre Holme - These are amazing machines :-)
  6. eutx9795

    Charming Medieval Villages - Caracena (Spain)

    Caracena (Soria - Spain) is one of those places that call the end of the world. There is no road beyond Caracena. History seems to have stopped in the Middle Ages, so productive for this province of Soria, and since then it has been abandoned to its fate, from which it tries to escape...
  7. My Movie 3 (8D093D1F-BB43-4364-9242-8E9E174833B7)

    My Movie 3 (8D093D1F-BB43-4364-9242-8E9E174833B7)

    This is "My Movie 3 (8D093D1F-BB43-4364-9242-8E9E174833B7)" by Doron Lev on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
  8. eutx9795

    Medieval walled and lovely small Spanish village

    If you want to know more of the village, there's information on the Youtube description of the video. Hope you like it and feel free to coment! Thanks!
  9. eutx9795

    Mavic 2 Pro - Regattas day at San Juan Reservoir

    The San Juan reservoir is located in the municipalities of San Martín de Valdeiglesias, El Tiemblo, Cebreros and Pelayos de la Presa, in the southwestern corner of the Community of Madrid and south-east of Ávila, in Spain. It includes the waters of the Alberche River, a tributary on the right...
  10. instaborg89

    Niedermairhof - South Tyrol

    Hey guys ! Hope you're all having a good weekend. Here is my latest work if you want to check it out. As always can't do without my beloved Mavic Pro :) Chris @iamchrisborg
  11. M

    Area of view at 400 ft.

    Hello all! Does anyone happen to know approximately how much area the Mavic Pro covers at 400ft? I have a project where I am going to monitor traffic patterns and need to figure out how much area I can cover while shooting video. I can test it tonight and measure it on Google Earth if no one...
  12. Voltaic

    Strange Video Artifacts In Low Light (DJI Mavic Air)

    Hey guys! I've been a longtime lurker on these forums but this is my first post. I'll preface by saying that I've already sent an email to DJI Support but wanted to get some feedback from other users. Perhaps this is just a limitation of the tiny camera sensor in the Mavic Air and the MP4...
  13. eutx9795

    Small village of Villaflores at Spain

    Small village of Villaflores at drone eye's view A round hole in the facade of the main house of Villaflores betrays that time has stopped. There is no longer the clock, because someone has stolen it, as there is no bell in the small church whose doors are forced and receive the visitor to show...
  14. eutx9795

    A charming village under snow, seen as a model

    Buitrago de Lozoya, Madrid (Spain), at drone's eyed view At 74 kilometers from the center of Madrid and on a steep meander of the Lozoya River, it has a great charm due to its walled area that covers the entire urban area. It is the only town in Madrid that keeps its old walled enclosure...
  15. M

    Mavic Pro 4k video with Nexus 7 Tablet

    My first post so bear with me and apologies if this subject has been 'done to death' :-) I have recently purchased my first drone (Mavic Pro) and as a keen photographer i am impressed with quality of both video & stills. The problem i have is when shooting 4K video, 24fps, my Nexus 7 (2013)...
  16. A

    Video Ripples in 4K

    Good day, everyone - Brand new to both drone piloting as well as videography, so any help here would be greatly appreciated. Recently purchased a Mavic Pro and am in the process of learning everything about it - like how much easier it is to fly it with a tablet instead of a phone, why you...
  17. TheIndianEmirati

    Amazing Iceland Mavic Footage

    A short drone video capturing the immense breathtaking beauty of Amazing Iceland
  18. S

    Mavic video jumpy

    I am a new Mavic pilot, I took some videos in 4k mode and after transferring the videos to my computer and played them back the video was jumpy and freezing. Any suggestions? Thanks
  19. donatas1

    I Love you Iceland