2nd video...

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    2nd edited video...

    This time the weather was bad, very gray and dismal and the colors were washed out so I did do some color editing in iMovie. I'm sure I overdid some of the saturations etc. but I like it. Also I took lots of shots where I went from shooting straight down to the ground about 100-200 ft. away to shooting forward several miles and if you forget to refocus the image can be soft. You'll see a mix of sharp and soft shots in this video and every soft shot is a failure of your friendly pilot to click the focus button on the back of the controller, sorry still getting used to remembering to do that. As I showed the other day on my better lit video, this camera IMHO is every bit as sharp as the Phantom 4 when focused properly and in fact can be sharper with closer subjects than the Phantom 4 can be... the problem is that it isn't as user friendly. I wish there was a true autofocus feature that was constantly adjusting focus like many video cameras have. Perhaps with a firmware bump or on the Mavic 2?

    Please select 4k if you have a good enough monitor and remember this is compressed YouTube video, the real video out of the camera looks better...

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    Very nice.. looks great when you have the gimbal point straight down... next time go under the bridge for more cinematic effects.. if ur nerves allow it :)
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