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48 FPS and 50 FPS Produce Choppy Video


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Sep 13, 2017
Has anyone else noticed this or am I doing something wrong? When I film in 1080p 30 fps or 60 fps, the video is smooth and looks great. However, when using 48 or 50 fps, the video is jerky, especially when panning. Is this normal?
How are you watching? Computer displays (usually and by default) work at 60fps, 30 or 60 are smooth since they are multiples but others need an alternance of skipping or doubling frames that causes uneven playback unless you switch your computer display framerate to match a multiple.
Hmm... Good point Kilrah. So, since this is a computer file (.mov or .mp4), is there any other way than a computer to play these files? I know that TVs will play them but they rely on computers as well. My understanding is that 24 fps is the standard set by Hollywood. Why does it work?

Does this go back to AC electrical current frequency of 60 Hz? Does Europe still use 50 Hz so this frame rate would work there but not in the US? If so, are 48 and 50 fps useless in the US?

I know, I have lot's of questions. I'm just trying to understand. I used my original MP more for playing and creating amateur videos. But I am trying to move to the next level with my new Mavic 2.

Thanks for all your help!
48 and 50 also 1080? Did you adjust shutter to 1/100?
A (decent) TV and media player will switch the display frequency to that of the file it's playing. A computer connected to a TV can typically be switched to it as well but it's your job to do it manually.


50 is there mainly for PAL areas indeed. 48 is double of 24 so allows you to make a proper 2x "slowmo" in a 24fps project.
48 and 50 also 1080? Did you adjust shutter to 1/100?

It is the Zoom model and I had a filter on trying to keep the shutter speed around 100 to 120. I don't remember exactly what it was but I'm sure it wasn't 100 all the time.

I think with the help and explanations from everyone, I understand why it produced choppy video and will just stick with 30 and 60 fps. Thanks everyone!