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Active track with rc2 controller in a hard water proof case


Mar 3, 2024
Ontario canada
I'm a whitewater kayaker and would love to use the active track feature on my mini 4 pro on some of the sections of rivers I paddle and be able to set it place the controller in the case and have the drone follow me and my son down the rapid
Has any one done this and how was the signal strength while it was encased
Perfect that is the answer I was hoping for I was/am a little hesitant to just throw it in there to test it out I may have to give it a try though


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I have flown it a bit how ever it's been cool out and I haven't noticed any heat build up and the length of time the rc would be in the case turned on would be 5 mins max just after being turned on
the Plan would be paddle down river to the section of the river with the rapid set up the flight run the rapid and pack it back up paddle down river to the next


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That's my plan but I was just curious it others had tried similar I had heard of some guys that used the fold over screen and thumb lever protector and placed it in a back back while snow boarding but not fully incased and the weather hasn't cooperated with we either highwinds or rain
ive done exactly this and used a waterproof bag for cameras over the controller.

Allows you to manipulate the aircraft if needed with no water incursion risks.
Glad to hear that this worked my concern with the bag is the sticks getting bumped while running the rapid and causing a crash
My thought would be to use a dry bag and remove the controller sticks so they don’t get bumped. You can still control the drone without the sticks.

Note, that I do not do white water kayaking so have no experience with this. I do however, kayak and do use a dry bag.

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Other thing I have to be concerned about is the potential for a swim if I flipped and a case will protect the controller from getting beat up in the event of a swim
Update on this I launched the drone and moved it about 100 ft away and placed the controller set up active track on my daughter but the controller in the case and place the case in my kayak and it seemed to work pretty well until she ran under a clothes line I told her to stay away from and it hit it good thing for dji refresh but the functionality for the controller was great when I opened the case the rc signal strength was still full strength
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