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Almost lost my MP and got wierd error message saying...


May 3, 2018
So I was flying up in the mountains and everything was going well until it appeared my screen froze. It did not freeze because there was still slight movement I tried to bring the drone back and turns out that the drone was frozen. Not responding to any movements that I was attempting. I watched it as is slowly started moving away from me and climbing. Whike this was happening I restarted my phone and reconnected. Still no control than I noticed and error message that came up that said something like "stick error. Return the sticks to center position and try again. So I did that a couple times and still no stick control. I was losing it, by this time my MP was out of sight but I could hear it. I looked at my screen and it had flown 2500 feet away and 1100 feet high. I tried return home and it started to return but kept stopping saying that the sensors detected and obstetrical. At this point I was questioning if what I was seeing on the screen was real. Finally the battery warning return to home started and because of the loud beeping from the controller I couldn't tell if it was coming or going it said starting emergency landing so I canceled it about 2 or 3 time and then a speck way up high it was 1200 ft above me and barley landed before the battery died. Has anyone got this error before?
I think the logs might help here. If you are relying on the screen of your device to fly, and the device drops out. It seems like you are out of control. Unplugging the locked up device should regain control from to RC if it was actually not connected. The obsticle detection was probably because it was trying to fly into the sun. Sometimes that makes it think its about to hit something, so it stops. If you keep holding the stick for too long in that state, It MIGHT think the stick is out of wack.... and give that error.
Purely guesswork here. There are a few that can decode the flight record to see what happened. @msinger, or @sar104 or one of a few others might pop in and give you a hand with this!
Glad you got it back safe!
When something like this happens: sports mode and use the telemetry data on the remote to guide it back if you loose sight. I wouldn't even mess with the phone/tablet until after you get the MP landed safely.
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