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An old guy learning to fly..

Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!
When are you an old guy. :rolleyes:
At 20 I thought it was 40. 👌
Looks like your having fun!

Hello from Minnesota and welcome to the Forum....congratulations on your Mavic Air 2....There's a lot of good quality teaching/feedback going on in here. Just ask, and the experts are great on providing good sound advice for you to apply and use... Remember to always Fly safely and fly smartly representing all of us drone hobbyist well.
RON, Welcome to the forum from Chicago the windy City.
Its a lot more difficult to fly for some of us old guys, but sounds like you figured out how to do it.
Cheers from Cheticamp, Nova Scotia, Canada!
I just began back in January..... I'm now 67 and can tell you how grateful I am for my new glasses, but having a ball! With that said, take your time, learn the regs for your area, follow the rules and you'll enjoy flying with a lot less stress.

Feel free to pop by my YouTube channel and say "hey".

Hi everyone,
Just popped in to say hello. My son recieved a Mini 3 Pro from his other half for his birthday so I Just *had* to be able to go flying with him (thats what I told my wife). I picked up a new Mavic Air 2 Fly more combo for a very good deal here in Ottawa. This past Saturday was my maiden flight. All went really well and gradually I started losing the pucker factor. What I did learn was that I am in fact getting old and I can't see as well as I used to. That beautiful Mavic grey is virtually invisible accross a football field. Thanks to this site I've learned all sorts since my time here began not so long ago. I have strobes coming from accross the big pond and some bright skins from Germany and Slovakia. If I can't see bright yellow and black.... Anyways, its nice to meet you all!
Greeting Ron from a brother old fart in the Great State of Texas! I have not shaken off the noobie jitters yet but love flying it. I am a very technical person and tend to fly the same.
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