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Another Tough Mavic Air That Should Have Died


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Feb 26, 2018
So I stupidly crashed my MA into the tree just over a week ago. I was standing on the side of the road while the drone was some 200 yards away, stopped paying attention while flying sideways and the rest you can see here:


The van you see in the bottom right corner of the video was parked directly opposite the tree that "caught" the MA. The driver heard the noise right before the impact, looked and saw something slamming into the top of the tree, then veered to the side and ended up 30 feet down (and 20 feet away from the tree that "suffered" the impact). These 3 images here show the trees the MA hit, the drone as I found it on the ground, and the only damage that the MA suffered as a result of everything it went through. Because I was too far away, I did not see that the MA bounced off of the taller tree. If it wasn't for the driver I doubt I would have found it, although I did turn the motors on while searching, which came on for a second and sent me in the right direction. This all happened on the terrain that was basically a cliff, and the only thing that prevented me from stumbling hundreds of feet down were the very same trees that the MA hit.

When I found it, 3 out of 4 legs were folded. I just packed it, came home and carefully inspected and cleaned it, replaced the broken prop, then turn the motors on for a few minutes. Everything seemed just fine. The next day I flew it and it went great.

Learn from me and people who've done stupid things.


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