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Any compression flicker?

Feb 24, 2018
I'm toying with the idea of upgrading my MP 1 for an MP2 Pro. My main reason is the compression flicker on my MP1 is really annoying as I need to use Neat Video noise filter on every clip, even at ISO 100. I shoot in 2.7k as the flicker is less obvious, but it's still a hassle.

Anyway, I'd like to know if the flicker is still prrsent on the MP2 Pro (not Zoom).

P.S. does the MP2 also have that annoying feature where in-built noise reduction kicks in if sharpening is set to 0 or lower? On the MP1 you need to set sharpening to 1 to disable the noise reduction.

From what most people have said, no to both. The footage appearing seems to back that up.

So the 2 biggest flaws of the MP1 have been addressed (even if its still missing lots of features the 1 had currently).

I look forward to not having to run NeatVideo on every single video.
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Only true for well exposed footage. Low light video does require some temporal NR to remove flicker. But overall it is not as obvious/noticeable as with the MP.
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Thanks guys. I'll find some raw MP2 footage and check it out. NeatVideo does a decent enough job, but it's annoying if you need to do some last minute adjustments post-NR as the render times are a nightmare.
4k 30 seconds clip on mine the render time goes up from about 2 mins with just Lumetri and LUT to about 25 minutes with NeatVideo so yes, i'd rather not have to use it on *every* clip!
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