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Any disadvantages of Racing Edition


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Jun 30, 2018
I have to admit to having very little knowledge of Goggles but am faced with making a quick decision as to which version to buy. I don't want to waste money but on the other hand I want the best value set.

So, any disadvantages of going with the RE. In particular will they work with the same Mavic Pro firmware versions specifically the .700 ?
I don't see any disadvantages except for the dark color which will lead to the goggles heating up in sunlight more quickly.
On the other hand there are lots of advantages, such as compatibility to analog 5.8 ghz video sources and recording capability.
Same opinion as @GerdS.
Great as:
  • It can bring occusync transmission to non dji drones with the "DJI OcuSync Air System" for DIY drones.
  • If you have drones that give video feedback on analog 5.8G, you can use the google with them.

If you don't own or plan to own non-dji drones, the standard one would be better choice.
Thanks for the replies :) I think I must have read an old review as I thought it said that the RE brings Occusync whereas it implied the standard version did not have/use it. Now I assume they both have Occusync.

Dronason, I am curious as to why you say the standard model would be the best choice if I have no non DJI plans - is it just because of cost ?
Yes, cost and the black color as previously said by @GerdS.
For the benefit of any others finding this thread there is a lot of info about them on various reviews and apart from the technical advantages outlined above it appears they have had a design makeover (with real leather) so you will have a comfortable hot head ! I also happen to think the black colour is more pleasing.
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