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Anyone else using 2 or 3 input files with RaceRender?


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Jun 27, 2017
Austin, Tx.
Would be really interested in conversing with anyone who is also using more than 1 data input with RaceRender (or DashWare if that app allows more than one input)
I've attached a screen shot of most of the common input fields from Litchi, Airdata and Mavic csv input files that I created in RaceRender. Not fancy to look at but wanted to identify which fields are common to the three input files and which are not.
Most of the fields shown are working but I'm having problems with about 4-5 fields and could use some help if you have done anything like this and have a better understanding of the 3 data input files than I may.

I started this because on occasion if a Litchi mission takes my Mavic out of RC range for a few moments, all of that telemetry is not reported back to the controller and of course it's not recorded on the Litchi app and Airdata UAV site. So I used BudWalker's datcon app to extract the flight data from the Mavic and use that data to complete the telemetry data in that type of situation. That led to me wanting to identify common fields between all 3 data sources.


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