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Anyone used Drone Harmony?


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Feb 17, 2017
Walled Lake, MI
I just noticed that they are now out of beta with pricing announced. The difference between basic (one off $29) & professional ($29 per month), is that the first allows only basic automated mission while the other allows professional automated mission - any idea what the difference is?
Oh, they are charging for it? I played with the beta, but I didn't realize it was going to be a paid app - and an expensive one at that! Ah well, it was kind of neat...
Their website is still unclear about the differences between "hobby" one-time licensing and "professional" flight plans - I hope they elaborate a lot more about what can and can't be done with the basic amateur/hobby version.

I thought it was pretty cool when in beta and I'd certainly consider paying $29 if it has those capabilities for automated mission planning.

What would REALLY impress me is the ability to plan missions in high-res detail on my big-screen Windows PC with mouse and keyboard, vs. trying to create a mission on a little tablet with just a touchscreen. I took at look at their updated website and didn't see that ability yet, although they mentioned during beta that it might appear after release, which just occurred - so I'm waiting patiently to see what evolves.

It seems like a good product and I hope the devs succeed with it. I think commercial users doing inspections could easily justify a license.
I use the beta version regularly. Had not noticed the paid ersion was out. Will need to take a look. My use is as a hobby and as i am retired every penny counts so will need to look carefully.
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Being able to plan on a desktop would be really great, I agree - hard to do on a mobile device...
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